Monday, February 27, 2017

Monterey Bay Aquarium - made to blow a toddler's mind

Lots of fun was had at the aquarium. Mimi got to high five a diver in the kelp tank. Then she got to see the new Viva Baja exhibit. She and Z both made fish for the digital reef.

Here they are swimming:

They both enjoyed the new Tentacles exhibit too. Here he is using and array of colors, patterns, textures and shapes for camouflage and communication.

Just like this Flamboyant cuttlefish.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Feelings... Nothing more than... FEEELINGS

Zachary brings home random stuff from school. Sometimes it gets explained, sometimes we find it shoved into the furniture. Every so often it is incredibly fantastic.

Although there is no explanation, we think this assignment was to write and use an example to describe a feeling. Please enjoy.

Cheap is when your neighbors are having a yard sale and you buy a set of 100 different color markers for 45 cents. That is cheap.

Joy is when you are on a canoe for the first time at camp and you get to sit in the front. Then you get to paddle around an island. That is joy.

Mean is when your parents just watched Rogue One. You had asked your dad not to spoil it. But then when you asked if it was good, he spoiled it anyway. That is mean.

Sad is when you move and have to leave your BFF behind. Then your hamster dies. That is sad.

Treasure is when you are riding your bike on the sidewalk and see something shiny. You stop and pick it up and it is a shiny button with a knot design. That is treasure.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A view from Daycare

The UW Portage Bay daycare will open from the winter quarter! And the view from Mimi's Montessori preschool classroom is spectacular. The toys and games are pretty fun too.   

Trampoline time for Mimi

Mimi starts her own gymnastics class this week. This is the last indoor playground she'll need for jet gym fix for a while. This week the trampoline was a huge hit. She bounced and bounced, then patiently waited her turn, to bounce some more.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday snowfunday

We drove up to visit the snow at snoqualmie pass. Of course Zachary dived in, literally to tummy toboggan down the slope. He also made snow angels, a snow man, and had several snow fights. Miriam had never seen snow and was unsure about the cold wet stuff. This was exacerbated by her need to run around in a tutu with no leggings!

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Nine year old to almost three year old.
"Close the door"
"No, get out and close the door"

Miriam comes out carrying potty full of pee. And say"Zachary needs his space, but I need to poop."

Sunday, November 6, 2016

New step stool - New world.

We just made an IKEA run. The highlight of the trip apparently was a new GIANT STEPSTOOL. Our downstairs sink is in a giant 1980s built in, and it is just hard for Mimi to reach the sink. She just tried it, came BURSTING out of the bathroom with joy, explained about how great it was because now she can USE THE POTTY and WASH HER HANDS ALL BY HERSELF.

Then she leapt through the doorway and shouted:


and ran a few laps around the loop.

Oh, there she goes again.....