Thursday, September 15, 2016

Morning Commute With Miriam

Miriam: "Red, Orange, BLUE!"
Sarah:  "What, the traffic light? No, that's red, orange, green!"
Miriam: "NO! TREES!"
Sarah: "Oh. First they're green, then they're orange, then they're red."
Miriam: "YES! Trees!"
Sarah: "Yup. Look, just like that one."
Miriam: "Then what."
Sarah: "Then they fall off!"
Miriam: "Green, Orange, Red, THEN COCONUTS!"
Sarah:  "Sure, close enough."

Saturday, June 11, 2016


We are settling in here, and will try and get some pictures and stories up.

But until then...


Miriam is having a very serious, very in control of the universe stage. She is happy to tell you where to go and what to do. And also? NO KISSES.

Which is surprisingly hard because she's adorable and a total clown and kissing her on the head is basically instinct. But of *course* we want to respect her wishes. And if you forget?


Wednesday, June 1, 2016


There were some good things, and some bad things. Linus left us in Oregon, although we haven't given up hope. Wherever he is, I imagine he's having an adventure. The children are settling in nicely, as you can see. Really taking advantage of the upgraded space. Mark even managed to arrange to have the truck unpacked yesterday! The neighborhood seems amazing, now to settling in. More pictures soon...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Goodbye chickens, goodbye playscape...

T minus 10 days. We're accumulating last ofs, and goodbyes, and wrapping things up, and eating down the food.

This weekend we had a lovely party with lots of friends, and a prime HEB chocolate cake with a squiggle-ized Space Needle rendition that was pretty damn fancy (and delicious, the last bites being consumed now). Last week we sent the chickens to their retirement village (really a retirement village, not a euphemism.)

It turns out two and a half + moving is a rough ride. Who would have guessed it. Miriam is incredibly verbal, so sometimes it can feel like she is much older... and then she has total utter meltdowns just because her feelings are big and the world is big and there is a lot going on. A lot going on. Sleep is erratic, and comes late, and she requested the other night to "Go to sleep in the new house in Seattle." Soon, baby, soon.

Sunday a local school sent folks to come dismantle the play structure to take it off to its new home, where lots of children can clamber all over it, so we're going to call that a definite win.

Still not packed up for the Seattle dump truck, but getting closer. Pictures are coming off the walls, clothes are getting significantly

Mark & my dad scoped out the new house, and it appears that we haven't made a tremendous error, huzzah. Just a little over a week now.....