Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bedtime Bananas

My crazy daughter at bedtime tonight. I like that finally after 15 minutes, she sat down to rest and play. 

Deep in the Valley of "No"

"Miriam, do you want a cheesestick?"
"Do you need the potty?"
"Do you want to read a book?"
"Let's put on your shirt!"
"Time to get in the chariot."
"What's in your hand?"
"Do you want an ice pop?"
"Miriam, bedtime!"
"No mama no mama HAAAAAAALP."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Musical theatre - Another useful parenting skill.

Miriam has had a few good nights of sleep, and let me tell you that really spoils us. So last night, when she was fussy (we were all fussy, if I'm honest. Even Zachary struggled to get to sleep), we all slept badly, and the morning was shenanigans. Not yelling shenanigans, just forgetting things, not getting it together, out of rhythm. And Miriam was real up in her feelings. No, she didn't want pants. No, she definitely didn't want shoes. No, she was quite happy with her dirty diaper thanks for asking. No, she didn't want her helmet (here is where you know there is trouble, because most days she would sleep in her helmet given half the chance...).

Finally she just looked up at me with the saddest frantic kitten eyes and I scooped her up and sang her a song. I sang about having a snuggle with mommy. I sang about putting on our shoes to keep our toes safe. I sang about putting on our helmets to get into the chariot to go see our friends in the Owl Class. I sang about how much fun school was.

And she gave me a hug, and a kiss, and bounced off to start her day.

Thank you, years of musical theatre, I owe you one.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Five Statements

We were chatting at dinner tonight about family, and Miriam being the littlest Collins, and not having any more siblings (Sorry kids, that's a wrap.) And Zachary cackles and goes "So she has to do the five statements forever!"


And after a lengthy pause Mark turned to me and goes "I think he means the four questions."


(ETA - The four questions are sung at passover, usually by the youngest capable child present. They are questions based around "Why is this night different from every other night?" and as far as I can tell were created to torture youngest siblings the world over.)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sky Candy Camp

Z's aerial circus skills

Friday, August 7, 2015

Base Words

Both of our children occasionally talk in their sleep. I'm not that surprised I suppose, because I've been known to talk in my sleep as well. Z just muttered something, and Mark goes "Oh yeah. Miriam talked in her sleep the other day. I forgot. But she only said one word. I wish I could remember it. It was one of her base words. Like Mama, or Dada, or Purple shoes......"

(She has a pair of purple flip flops. She is deeply enamored with them. We got them for vacation, since everyone else had flip flips and she loves them. She loves them more than anything else. She will mutter "Purple shoes" as her emotional flail when she's exhausted. The relationship with the purple shoes is complicated by the fact that she can not wear them to school, because you have to have closed toe shoes for school. No matter how adamant your toddler is about the flip flops."

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Learning to Swim

We live in Texas. Land of a million degrees, and a similar number of swimming pools. Water safety is a pretty big deal. When we moved to Texas, we started Z in swimming lessons. But he was a little older than Miriam.

Only difference? Miriam is super ultra committed to running into the water. We went to the beach twice this year, and she LOVES IT. At LBI she kept picking her legs up to drift in the waves. Fantastic! And terrifying because she's actually quite big and strong and is quite persistent.

Several times she just ran for the water like nobodies business. WHOOSH. Baby. Plunging towards the Atlantic Ocean.

We finally decided to sign her up for a few lessons this month. There is a place across from our house, and she has been so keen on water it seemed with it for a few times.

And yet.

Yesterday we had our first lesson. She spent the entire time oscillating between saying "ALL DONE", trying to climb out of the pool, and trying to nurse.

I'm assuming several blogs have popped up from parents who wondered what sort of TERRIBLE MOTHER would take their TINY CHILD to swimming lessons to try and DROWN HER since she so OBVIOUSLY hates water.


Proud parenting moments.

Of course, the highlight was at 6am this morning when she bounded out of bed, climbed up to teeter on the edge of the tub, and shouted "SPLISHY SPLASH" until we put water in the sink for her to play with.