Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Madeline's Bouncehouse birthday

Zachary knew what to expect for a bounce house birthday party. As you can see below, he had reckless abandon on the bouncy castle, maze, pirate ship, and tipping cart (see below). He every managed a full over the head (OMG he's going to break his neck!) bounce down the slide but did look a little daze for thirty seconds until he was bouncing off again for another go.

red in the face and shvitsy, but oh so happy!

Sam and Z

Thursday, March 17, 2011

And so it begins

Zachary and I spent part of the evening sitting outside with our alley neighbors. They were playing guitar (blues, electric and acoustic) and have a bbq for St Patrick's day and who knows what else - to celebrate the beautiful weather. It is 9pm, and 77 degrees. The sky was clear with a bit of wind when we got home. Z wanted to bring over his fiddle - I told him we needed to practice a little then we could :> He was transfixed - two dogs, cookies, a bbq (FIRE!) and music. Did I mention the weather?

I'm re-stringing the violins as we speak.

I sorted through my old music to find a starting place. That's how we know how much time has passed, by the amount of things we have learned and forgotten. Electric blues is still drifting through the house. And a lot of fresh air. I saw something wandering around the internet, "Top 6 things you're doing to ruin your health" and one of them was "opening windows for fresh air". Better to run the a/c to filter out the dangers of the outside world. Fools. Give me an open window anyway. Air conditioners don't play guitar.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

while making pizza

or at least helping to make pizza chef collins declared "I want this piece of my half to have sauce and this one to have no sauce" and shortly after "mushrooms, I like mushrroms", gobbles up a mushroom slice and sprinkles many more on his half.

And then he ate raw broccoli while waiting for the pizza to cook.

Just an example of how he is growing up, and expanding his horizons daily.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Z gets up from the potty as Sarah goes into the bathroom to get him to take a bath and wash his hair before bed.

"Zachary, why is your poop that color?"

"Daddy gave me green eggs for breakfast"


Making groggers

Originally taken by jeffcam (Sams Dad)

Sam and Z shaking their noise markers (very loudly) at the TBI shabbat.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Zachary has sneaked (toddler-style) into our room after waking up and climbing down from his bunk, the for the last few days. He jumps into bed, cuddles for a minute before declaring "it's wake up time" and climbing out of bed to open the curtains and prove his case for morning.

Best alarm clock ever. snuggles and a gentle "GET UP"

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sarah is away. After the usual nighttime routine, teeth brushing, PJs, and three books comes hugs for Mum and Dad. Zachary hugs his chest (hands on his heart) and kisses the air saying "hug and kiss for mommy, where ever she is" and then hugs me.


... in my neighborhood

Swinging with Ethan
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