Monday, April 29, 2013

Wedding in Toronto

DSC_0177 by m0nk3yphd
DSC_0177, a photo by m0nk3yphd on Flickr.
The three of us  (all matching!!) had a great time at the Kenny and Kyoung-Yim's wedding and in Niagra. More pictures (only 4 up for now) and stories to follow ...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

warm up

DSC_0116 by m0nk3yphd
DSC_0116, a photo by m0nk3yphd on Flickr.

looks like a pro streching but really just waiting patently to bat.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pajama day

Pajama day by m0nk3yphd
Pajama day, a photo by m0nk3yphd on Flickr.

with leg warms to fend off the sudden cold front.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Team pride day

Team pride day by m0nk3yphd
Team pride day, a photo by m0nk3yphd on Flickr.
Missed a photo of Tuesdays silly sock day, but really odd socks aren't as exciting as team pride. Z is sporting his tigers uniform, Y teeball cap and his handknit "giants" scarf.
Wednesday, was an ice cream afternoon treat.  Z told us his teacher was funny, Ms Jessica said "I have a silly question, would you like more ice cream?" of course they all did and so he ate almost no dinner, as his belly was full because he'd had two tubs!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Crazy hair day

Crazy hair day by m0nk3yphd
Crazy hair day, a photo by m0nk3yphd on Flickr.
For week of the young child (April 14-20) daycare has something everyday.

Today = crazy hair day

So Z went to daycare with awesome spikes. Helped in part by his sudden angelic behavior, he was super cooperative and helpful all weekend, earning him a prize this morning. It just makes life quicker and easier. He was dressed and eating breakfast before I even had a chance to get in the shower. And that gives us extra time to do fun things like coat his hair in gel and blow dry it into the work of art you see before you.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hi Zachary!

Welcome, from the telescope! It is 4am, and hopefully you are sound asleep. We're working hard, and having fun.  Some people up here even saw a mountain lion yesterday! Love you.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When you joke about the internet

Clearly we brought it on ourselves.

Pretty much every day when we get home Zachary yells "DO I HAVE A PACKAGE?!?!"

The answer to this question is inevitably no, like 90% of the time. It is not his birthday, it is not a gifting holiday. It is APRIL.

So late last week he cried out as we parked the car. And I quite exasperatedly started to shut him down. Except there was a package on the doorstep. An *unexpected* package on the doorstep. That Zachary was unsurprised about (although we'll just put that up to his five year old optimism that if he HOPES hard enough, the universe will warp to his will. Which is usually right so...)

Me - "Zachary, are you buying stuff from Ebay?"
Z - "Yup. I got up while you were sleeping and used the computer to BUY THINGS!"

Apparently sarcasm has transferred generations adequately. I believe our job here is done.

He ran to the package, scooped it up and shrieked "IT IS FOR ME AND FOR DADDY!" Of course it is. How could I even doubt?

We went climbing down in the greenbelt. Zachary is getting braver all the time. Ironically, braver without his harness on. Something about the straps make him wildly cautious, but he'll boulder way up high with just his boots on.

coming soon ...

DSC_0277 by m0nk3yphd
DSC_0277, a photo by m0nk3yphd on Flickr.

Sarah has a few really funny stories to jot down here. In the meantime, cuteness to tide you over.
We had a super awesome weekend, with Tee Ball (more pics are up), vegfest (a vegetarian extravaganza), and Kieran's 3rd Birthday party.