Sunday, November 23, 2014

11 months

7 years and 11 months And her favourite thing to say is "beejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejah" or "wheeohhwheeohhwheeohhwheeohhwheeohhwheeohhwheeohhwheeohhwheeohhwheeohh" both very rapidly, and sometimes interspersed "wheeohhwheeohhwheeohhwheeohhbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahwheeohhwheeohbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahhwheeohhwheeohhbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejahbeejah" It is highly entertaining and adorable.

A new trick

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Because Babies

It has been a rough week. There was a lot of stomach flu, and some more shenanigans, so we're just a little behind in life. However, here's some cute to get you through the day.

Miriam is LOVING day care. Now that she's not under the weather she's bouncing into her playroom when I drop her off. She's so wildly interactive with the other kids. They play chase, and run around. Ok, she's not running yet - she's crawling. But she's fighting hard to be running. She waves bye bye, and is chattering non-stop. We'll have to take a video, but here's a list of things we think she says:

Bye bye
Z (it isn't that clear but it seems pretty repeatable)
Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala (Is that not a word? It seems like a word ;>)

She's a singer too, and will sing nonsense songs until the cows come home.