Saturday, January 21, 2017

Feelings... Nothing more than... FEEELINGS

Zachary brings home random stuff from school. Sometimes it gets explained, sometimes we find it shoved into the furniture. Every so often it is incredibly fantastic.

Although there is no explanation, we think this assignment was to write and use an example to describe a feeling. Please enjoy.

Cheap is when your neighbors are having a yard sale and you buy a set of 100 different color markers for 45 cents. That is cheap.

Joy is when you are on a canoe for the first time at camp and you get to sit in the front. Then you get to paddle around an island. That is joy.

Mean is when your parents just watched Rogue One. You had asked your dad not to spoil it. But then when you asked if it was good, he spoiled it anyway. That is mean.

Sad is when you move and have to leave your BFF behind. Then your hamster dies. That is sad.

Treasure is when you are riding your bike on the sidewalk and see something shiny. You stop and pick it up and it is a shiny button with a knot design. That is treasure.