Monday, May 30, 2011

warm day - cool water

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Today was an awesome 95F (35C), so we went to the splash pad to cool off with Ethan and family. Only another 3 months of summer weather!

Friday, May 27, 2011

In other news...

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Those who have very astute skills of observation might notice that not only are the chicks growing, but they appear to have gained a friend. The little puff ball in the back is a whole day old. Her name is Rosie. Mark meant for her to be Rose like Rosalin Franklin, but in my mind I'm calling her Rosie the Riveter. To each their own. She earned her spot on the team by both being adorable and by nominally (perhaps in many months) laying blue/green eggs. She's an Ameracauna, but the internet tells me she's really probably an "Easter Egger" as it is tricky to find Ameracaunas that are official enough to be in Chicken Shows. Luckily, we're in it for the cuddles and the eggs so that'll do for us.

ps - I'm going to the telescope next week, so hopefully Mark will blog lots so I know they haven't burned down the house.

Football Hooli...

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I just wanted to share this ensemble of Z's from midweek. The wristband is from Auntie Debbie and a football team in.. Croatia? I've lost track, sorry Deb. The boots are his yellow rain boots. Anyone tracking the weather in Austin might notice that rain hasn't been anywhere on the radar much. In fact, we're pretty much clocking out at 95-100 every day. I think it is this way till September. It is surprisingly glorious.

The boots stayed on all day, even though we sent him with backup not-crazy-person shoes. Points for persistence in the face of sane. He must belong to us.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to the family!

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I just flew in from State College/New York and today was a blissful Austin day. Ok, it is crazy humid, no joke. But we got to do fun Austin outside wonderful things! We've been discussing getting chicks and today was the day. Zachary named them Petunia, Gaga, and Bessie. They're living in our back bathroom until their feathers fill out enough to go outside....

In case you track such things (you don't, but maybe this will make you google it), Bessie is a Black Australorp, Gaga is a Buff Orpington, and Petunia is a Dominique. We're building a portable home for them over the next few weeks. Fun for all!

We also just got lucky and got a community garden plot right across the parking lot from Zachary's daycare. Today we stirred up the dirt, and tomorrow we're going to go have a planting extravaganza of all the things that love heat... We'll let you know how that goes.. .I figure it is easy-ish to stop by on the way home and check things, give everything a drink for the evening, and take advantage of some raised beds we didn't have to make....

More from the farm later. We have New York pictures but they'll be a day or so. I mean, you guys were all there anyways.. :D

Bessie, Petunia, and Gaga

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

showing off

playdate with Lucy
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he had a ton of Fun last weekend with Lucy and her sister Alissa at central market playground. Of course she can do it too.

Thank you grandma J

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