Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Off he goes

Zachary and Grandma Tuttle heading to California. A quick ice cream to celebrate getting through security. Our house is so quiet

Last night

I was changing a diaper around 3am and Miriam rolled. She has been doing this for a while but has suddenly got some speed and efficiency to her roll. She flipped over and off the top of the dresser!!! Fortunately I was prepared, I had a hand around an ankle. Instinct and my automatic muscle reflexes kicked in. I managed to grab her other ankle and pulled up to halt her head first momentum to the floor. No thunk. I win! I then carefully hauled her up to finish the diaper. She was still asleep, double win!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

and one of Miri


Tongue out in concentration for the rev-rev-reving of the pre-crawl.

Helping around the house

Making pancakes

This morning Z made his own pancakes this morning. He got everything out, added the mix and water, put the pan on, cooked and flipped 'em.


He also helped me with the vacuuming yesterday :-) Amazing since he normally scurries to his room and hides when I start cleaning. It's all motivated by his current desire for us to give him pocket money for doing jobs around the house.

Friday, July 25, 2014

But *why* don't the bad guys think they're good guys?

An inquiry from Zachary, after dinner.

"Why do all stories have good guys and bad guys? And how do the good guys know they're the good guys? And why do the good guys always refer to themselves as the good guys and the bad guys know they're the bad guys? Why don't the bad guys think they're the good guys?"

Why indeed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

swim lessons pt.2

Z is on his second set of swim lessons at Bartholomew pool. With one instructor (instead of 6 in 8 lessons) he has improved dramatically. And today diving finally clicked for him, both on the side of the pool with the instructor and here from the diving board. Everyone was like "how old is he?"

cheerio chewing

After several attempts with cheerios (and also small cubes of tofu) she has finally got the chew down. Here she is smiling proudly at the cheerios she is munching.


Thursday, July 10, 2014


It came through about a 4 days ago, but I finally got a pic of Miri's first tooth.


How they play

Yup hair chewing and pulling is a game in our house.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pre-Crawl excerising

Miriam's hip wiggle samba has been a big feature over the last month. She's been working hard to isolate those thigh and leg muscles and often ends up with a knee up by her belly and then tipping over to her back. But this week she figured out both knees under and she's pushed up into a pre-crawl pose. Think svanasana (the table).  Fortunately at the moment she can only hold it for a second. But I know the time in which sitting her on the floor to play will soon to be over.

fireworks and sparklers


Z even got to light a firework with Erik's help. Miriam had a great time too, she got to ride in sytle and where the best wig ever.

Cherrywood July 4th parade

bubble joy

children reading

both kids reading