Sunday, August 31, 2008

running the gauntlet

running the gauntlet 4
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fun at the park again, and then today Z and I went to the 116th tot lot, for water sprinklers in the hot hot hot of the end of summer.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I was cleaning up some of my files and found this.....


Also? The post below?

1) that picture gives my baby and awkward chin
2) and he needs a haircut
3) also? activity squared is not exponential. just for the record.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Activity squared

standing 1
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that right Zachary's activity level is currently an exponential equation, this is him standing in the garden having pushed off my knees. But in the flickr set you can see him enjoying the wonders of the playground. He loves watching the older kids walk/run around and got inspired. He crawled quite a distance to get to the slide, passing many leaves on the way, and none went in his mouth, talk about focused. We enjoyed the slide for a while and the steering wheels underneath. Then he decided to step up into the climbing structure and crawl around up there. Quite a day for figuring out steps. He even turned around and went down one of the small steps.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tent Fun

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Not the worst mom ever. Look, I took pictures and I'm posting them ON THE SAME DAY. Zachary had a ton of fun in the tent today. Who knows why it suddenly had such appeal. It did.
Knock on wood, the sleep seems to be slipping back into some kind of normal, and the cold/snot is receding... for now...

Uh oh, the kitchen slave is calling for assistance... I guess I can't use blogging as an excuse for much longer. Bye!

Incorrect door usage

Not using the door
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Well, generally we'd focus on pictures of the other cute side....

Saturday, August 23, 2008


It has been one week since Zachary noticed what the blue walker was for. Since then, Zachary has discovered the stroller and crawls over to it, past the shoes, past the cat food, past the cat water (astounding, since usually the cat water alone has irresistable mess potential). All the practicing is paying off. He is clearly improving, and this morning he tried walking his hands up to his toes to get to standing sans leaning post. He failed and ended up on his bum on the floor, but the time when he won't is rapidly approaching.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

really sore teeth face
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some funny faces and some aided walking, pictures are now up... bed calls our name. Zachary seems to be getting over his cold and three new teeth are here (well almost).


Equals sad sad mommy.
No... sleeeep... till high school (da da da!!)


Mark has lovingly taken the baby to the park so I can do some hazy science. Oh my life.



So there.

I'm probably sick too BUT I CAN'T TELL. *grin* The snot masks reality. It is his superpower.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

How active?

This is Zachary chasing Linus, playing with the tent and oh! there he goes after the cat again.

Also a new teeth picture, note no baby was harmed in the taking of the photograph, in fact he thought it was a funny game.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 months old??

My goodness.
That's it then. He's officially been out in the world longer than anywhere else, pretty much. Plus or minus a few days. For some reason this seems like a real milestone to me, even though that's deeply weird. Too bad :) Lots of our friends are pregnant, and it seems like such a very long time ago. I can't imagine this time last year. Being pregnant is filed away in some other cabinet in my brain. I suspect its some side effect of keeping up with a baby + survival instincts so we all keep having children.

Zachary is moving around like crazy. Crawling really is locked in, and he has suddenly started popping up to walk again. Hmmm. I'm suspicious of where this is leading, yes I am. He's following us around the house. And going where he wants to go. As Mark mentioned... Yesterday, he took himself to the bath. Too funny. Mark found a cool pop up tent in our lobby swap area and brought it home. Zachary took a prebath spin (mostly to show me how fun it was)... and we were still entertained when he was like "Hello, people. Its BATH TIME". Right. Sorry. Bad parents, no biscuit.

He's been flirting with the idea of one nap. *SIGH*. *grin*. I guess. I don't want to talk about it. Night has been slowly getting better.
And he seems to be almost the owner of three teeth. One of the middle ones? I don't see. How can he be gap toothed before he has teeth? Hysterical.

Oh! And he and linus are wrestling. Its ridiculous. Zachary falls on linus. Linus fails to get out of the way and goes flat on the ground. We intervene in a variety of ways (and speeds) trying to encourage Linus to MOVE ALONG. Linus makes it clear this is funny to him. I think its his way of playing martyr. Hard to know...

8 more weeks and he'll be ONE YEAR OLD.

I don't know what to do with that, so I'm knitting him a sweater. You'll see pictures as it progresses. 8 weeks. Huh. ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

antigravity cheerios 1

antigravity cheerios 1
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Sarah will put in a blog post tomorrow, for now here is a happy 10 month birthday, to Zachary. And tonight our son stopped playing and crawled to the bathroom (where the tub was already filled) to initiate his bedtime routine :-)

Next thing you know, he'll want to borrow the car.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

moving more everyday

boy impressed, willow unimpressed
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Today, our boy who screams if we leave the room (separation anxiety sucks) is currently chasing the cats around the apartment. Bedroom, hallway, living room, hallway, bedroom, bathroom and back. Without really caring if I'm in view or not. Line of sight no longer seems important, yay, I can go pee or make coffee again!
Also we've noticed that now he has his crawl on, he has started being more verbal again. No words on purpose of course but he's definitely started stringing nonsense syllables together.

Monday, August 11, 2008

New cupboards, yay!

I have 3 minutes: ok Zachary had his first big fall this weekend. He caught us off gaurd because he has gotten pretty good at only falling backwards, and doing a kind of slow motion, martial arts fall, and seems to be find and never bang himself.....until now. Sarah and I were both doing things with half an eye each on Z. He pitched forward, a rarity in itself, and smacked his heaqd on the corner of the rocking chair leg. He came up SCREEEEEEEAMMMING but soon calmed down and really hated the ice more than the bump. It also seemed to take his mind off his hurty teeth. He had a huge dent above his right eyebrow and we both thought, uh oh, this is going to go black and lumpy, call cps, type bruise. But fortunately it never really got bad. We off course looked up all the head injury symptoms straight away, since this was the first major bang, but all is well otherwise. Also 2 of the four teeth are now poking through, I may try for another mouth shot to capture this momentous occasion since he has been in better spirits, after a good nights sleep, and a little less pain on the teeth front. In the meantime here for your entertainment is Z at his best, active as always, a playing with Sarahs record box:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

not dead, just dead tired

Crush on marmalade
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And really busy, Z is a ball of fuss, about 50 percent of the time at the moment, he has all four top teeth cutting through, and is unsurprisingly not that impressed with the whole teeth thing. We're giving him ice, and lots of things to chew, and tylenol to help him at night. We're also trying to get some work done, ha. And keep the apartment tidy after the now rapidly moving Zachary descends on every shelf within grab-standing range and pulls stuff to the floor. My rule I have to tidy it before bed otherwise I'll break my neck if the cats require my attention in the middle of the night. Also I have a DIY project of building and screwing our new ikea shelving to the walls. We got some shelving, for extra stogage space and with big doors to limit the mess described previously. ok off to the store to get fud for dinn-arrrggggwhatamIgoingtomake :-)

for Mike "where's the ring?" Berkowitz, who complained about the lack of posts before any of the grandparents did!