Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy, Birthday, GRANMA!

Oh yeah.
PS - I apologize for the dirty face.
PPS - I have no idea why he starts poking himself in the eyes in the middle. No idea. He obviously thinks its hysterical.


I don't know what about this I find so funny, but I think it rests on something about how he says GRANDMA. The emphasis is just.. so.. Yeah. Also, he's actually trying to sing happy birthday. In case you can't tell.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Zachary's pockets

The contents of Zachary's pockets are extremely informative as to his current state. So I thought I'd provide you with a list of recent items, to help you understand.

1) A car. Or two.

2) A nut. He found it on the ground near a car where someone was doing repairs on said car. He will tell you the story about it when he finds the nut in his pocket. He knows what it is. A nut.

3) A bouncy super ball.

4) An imaginary bouncy super ball. More appropriate to inside games.

5) Food. Cheerios. Cheddar bunnies. Pieces of bagel. Pretzels. Definitely carb heavy. In other words, Backup Fuel.

6) Your nose. Sometimes he steals it and forgets to give it back.

7) A jumping dog. The jumping dog first made an appearance at the dinner table, standing on the back of Z's high chair. He has since been kenneled during dinner, but often escapes at other humourous times. One has to always be alert for the jumping dog.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupcake Sugarfest

Valentines Cupcake extravaganza
Originally uploaded by m0nk3yphd

We made valentines cupcakes, Zachary likes sprinkles more than really anything else.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making it rain

Zachary has been terribly grown up lately. He helps to feed the cats by carrying their food to their shelf, and putting it down. He helped make stir fry for dinner earlier this week by pouring in veg and stirring it all up together. He even pushed the buttons for the microwave tonight to heat up his dinner. Mad skillz.

But my favorite?

That Mark has taught him how to switch between the shower and the bath faucet. How do I know?

That would be my toddler yelling "Make it rain, make it rain!" like a strung out stripper on a saturday night as he runs naked through our house.


I'm hoping they don't watch a lot of rap videos at day care. Otherwise this could go badly.

(ps - this link is not for the old, young, or infirm. But you've probably found that out the hard way by now. ;>)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Daddy Daddy Daddy!"

Went away briefly and came back to slightly scared, slightly excited sounds from Z. Turned around and picked up the camera prior to the rescue. And showed him how to get backdown if he got stuck again. He also played balance on the sideboard, both feet like a tightrope walker and then hands up, hold and down, maybe for a second, such a monkey-acrobat.

Oh and his new bike was on top of a garbage bag on the street, we picked it up less than a hundred feet from home. The tires are now pumped and it seems in full working order. He went to sleep repeating "bike", and grinning from ear to ear.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1500 miles away

There is nothing like being a zillion miles away to appreciate what you have at home.

Although what I have right here is delicious vietnamese food and some hot chocolate.

What I miss already is a crazy toddler who is adamant about wearing his infant sunglasses and rainboots to day care on a sunny day. And his orange and yellow pjs to sleep. And is in two days has gone to being ok with us just checking on him a bit - falling asleep in 20 minutes, instead of two hours. Amazing. We're all sort of settling in post growth spurt and figuring out all his new tricks. He's counting, more clearly all the time. He's oscillating wildly between monsters and no monsters. One day he runs through the house chasing out the monsters by turning on the lights and giggling and growling. The next day he doesn't want to read "where the wild things are" ("NO MONSTERS"). Yes sir. We're trying hard to make clear boundaries as he figures out what he wants, needs, loves, and hates.

Its a giant adventure.

Did I mention he either travels at light speed run or bunny hop?

Those are the only travel settings right now.

Or walking backwards waving his arms. That's only for special occasions. ;)