Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One room done!

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That's right, Mr. Z's got his own room. AND IT IS GREEN. Shall miracles never cease? One hopes not. It isn't perfect, we need to figure out some bookshelf action but... It is a start. One room down. Ten thousand to go. More floor available all the time.....

GTT (Gone To Texas)

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Here we are, in THE TRUCK, the 26ft banana monster. But guess what? WE MADE IT! HOORAY! We got here saturday night, got all the boxes in sunday morning. Zachary started daycare and he is having a ton of fun. We didn't take many pictures (we figured keeping track of the food and diapers was more important than keeping track of the camera but)... we're here! We're moving in! The box count is dropping. HA. Boxes, I shall conquer you. More pictures, including a few of the (empty) new house on flickr. Give us a few more days and you'll get some real pictures.

We're so happy to be here.

PS - Zachary slept in his own green bedroom last night. It made his life.

And ours.

Monday, August 23, 2010

106F and a new daycare

what a busy day ... today Zachary was the coolest kid at school. He got dropped off in the GIANT yellow 26 ft truck. I even heard another kid say, "wow, he came in a TRUCK"
We introduce ourselves to Ms. Sarah and Ms. Sarah (his new teachers) and left him to play with the rest of the giraffe class. As we passed quickly by the window on the way out, we saw he was already playing contentedly with huge lego blocks.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's see if this works - Yesterday...

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From Texarkana

Half and half, Arkansas and Texas... I don't know which we're in, but Mark is voting Arkansas.. it smells like cows...

We're almost there! Ok, almost, six hours.. but we're going to make it tonight. Happy thoughts. A little more breakfast than back in the truck for the last leg.

Everyone is holding up. Even the cats (now in two separate carriers, thanks petsmart outside of bristol, virginia, where the nascar race was conveniently filling all the hotels)...

But, I disgress. Best moment of yesterday. When Zachary took his bouncy ball (acquired at a taco bell) and put his rubber band ring (long story - gas station) around the center and goes "Look Mom! Like saturn!"

Yeah, that's my kid.

In other news? Why is every store made to DESTROY FAMILIES?? Ugh. Gas stations, fast food restaurants, everything. Also, why are there NO playgrounds at rest areas?

Anyway, we've adjusted to the rhythm of the road. See you soon, from Austin!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

better than in the bath I guess!

I walked into the bathroom. Sarah has the potty balanced on the edge of the bathtub. Zachary is standing ankle deep in water, hips thrust out, peeing. Now he really is a boy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Low Tech Hi Tech

Nintendo GameBoy
Custom 8-bit 4.19 MHz CPU
8 kB internal RAM
160 × 144 black and white display

Apple iPad
Custom (64bit?) 1 GHz CPU
256MB internal RAM
1024 × 768 color

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get up, Stand up

It's ten pm, he's still awake but he's sing "get up, stand up" to himself in a drunk half asleep and stuggling to stay awake kind of way.

New Skills

So Zachary and I went swimming in the Hudson river on Saturday, we played in the sand we swam, we watched the naughty jet skiers get told off by the NY police boat for getting to close to the swimmers. But I also cut my foot swimming (it's fine, no worries) to close to the rocks rescuing a tennis ball so that Z and I could dry off a little on the grass while playing baseball.

This is the first of his mad new skills. I purchased a wiffle bat and ball for a whole shiny dollar a week or so ago. We've played a bunch since. I quickly realized that the whole throwing and batting in 3D was a little hard, so we moved to kneeing and rolling, and in two days his vector mapping improved from a 8% to at least 80% batting average. He watches the ball rolling toward him and just swings that bat along the ground and boom, another home run.

Ok so back to the whole cut foot thing, and I decided on Monday that rather than struggle with him, stroller and a cane (I was just trying to keep the weight off it for a day or two). I'd let him ride his bike. He's done so every day this week, to and from Daycare and often to the park to ride in circles before dinner. He even gets fast enough now that the training wheels pop up now and again. Today as I rounded the corner to the long corridor, I saw him disappear at the other end toward the elevators. He can also figure eight around various set of pillars we've come across on our bike excursions.

A video is bound to follow eventually.