Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who's a fussy aunt then?

Look Mom, No Arms
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There, this demonstrates everything except his arms *grin*. The rest you can infer from the other pictures.
We've almost made it through the week. Zachary came to work with me one afternoon. We experimented with a pack n play in lab. I would call the result mixed. We'll see - babies? Not the quietest creatures in the world. I know, you're shocked. Hush. Zachary is still running a bit tired, but I think we'll probably try play group in the morning.
PS - Zachary is in *love* with that banana. In love. I know I've mentioned how freaked out I was when we got it. It has a crazy face. With freckles. And a weird nose. And it's giant. And no lies, a little bit phallic. Don't tell him. Shhhhhh. I guess its good to have some strange toys that can haunt you. We'll just consider it us supporting therapists of the future. I mean, considering he'll be in the minority (as a young middle class white... Oh, wait...) *grin* So its our obligation. To help him fit in.

Banana Playtime

Banana Playtime6
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Chew on this grandparents :-) some photos for you while I try and figure out how to fix the video I was trying to upload.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

this blog post has been retracted due to technical difficulties ;) Squished video should be made right way up and unsquished shortly (ie, tomorrow).

Here it is, sideway as I can't figure out how to rotate and not make the video short and fat. Zachary as a muscle man breaking his chains :-)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Petting the cat

Petting the cat
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I thought since sarah has been posting so actively then I'd better get my act in gear and upload some more pictures... These were the best of this weeks batch. And really linus put up with about 3 minutes before I got my camera and then of course he ran for it seconds later!

I'm so posty, I had no idea

Because we've been visually neglectful (and overly chatty. And by we, I mean me. :>)

Before I recycle this catalog...

My mom sent along this wonderful baby catalog.. It was good, because we had started talking about babyproofing the house (it just seems like he might start moving sooner rather than later...). Anyway, lots of things are cute, or you can imagine using... But this one? This one I pretty much wanted to die laughing. Judge for yourself.

Sorry, Zachary. We'll just kiss you when you tip over. It's the best we got.

PS - Mom, this is for you.

Told ya so ;)

Aren't you glad you had kids? *grin*

Ugh! Sick again :)

Hola sports fans. We're holding down sick town here in New York... Zachary got sick, got me sick, we now both have thrush again... Can we all say, "UGH".... on the upside, its cold out, so we don't even feel guilty to call it a house day. :) Hooray house day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A midweek treat

What could be tastier than a giggling baby?
My favorite parts:

1) yes, he only has on one sock. he wants to be michael jackson. it is beyond our control.

2) once landed? he is completely still and undisturbed. eating one's hand takes focus.
no messing about....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Because we're this awesome.....

I picked up Linus today to relocate him (he was lollygagging in the kitchen). As I was carrying him I thought "Holy crap cat, are you ok? You're feel like you've lost so much weight! I better ask Mar.....Oooooh. You haven't lost weight. YOU JUST WEIGH LESS THAN THE BABY..."

As I got to the living room I went to explain to Mark why I was cracking up. He looked at me like I was nuts. "Yeah, I already did that three days ago." Like I was crazy AND slow. :)


moon rattle
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Zachary has discovered grabbing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winter bundling

Ready for business
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We're on to the next going-out suit... Zachary is starting to figure out how to break out of the hand mitts (if you look close, you'll notice his hand...). They both looked very stylish leaving the house. Zachary also got his first bathtub bath tonight with his big sponge... It went surprisingly well, although he looked a little traumatized when we first put him in. And the first cold is almost passed - much less in the way of sad snuffling sounds.

Sheep smack, the revenge

Skillz, man. Our baby gots skillz.

I almost peed in my pants

Mark just took Zachary on a gristede's run. The first run in the new stroller. There was so much color coordination I almost died (mom, your blanket? matches the stroller. No lie. Totally unintentional. Way to pick the green of 2007. :>). Mark gets home, eyes wide and says "It handles like a little sports car."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Whatchu lookin at?
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Ok, this picture is surly but I thought after we've been a bit quiet we'd go for the full front. More stroller pictures (the rain cover one is sort of my favorite) off at flickr. We're getting back into the swing of things here. We went by the doctor's office today for the "missing" HiB vaccine, so young Mr. Collins is all caught up. He handled it like a champ. He also weighed in at (drum roll).... 18lbs 1oz. 25 3/4 inches. :) No more donuts after this, we promise. The stroller is fantastic. We can't wait to road test it on city streets. It came tonight and we both just ran around the apartment with it, to general uproar and cat scaring. I know, you're shocked that we couldn't wait till the morning. Also, although it looks bright in this pic due to the flash, all the edgy/strap bits are actually just greyish white. The magic of reflective shtuff. For when we're walking him in fog? :) Just chalk it up to safety in design...Thanks, Kate Spade ;)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Double Whammy Knockout

No joke. Zachary is *not* messing around. *grin* I figured this might help those with babywithdrawl symptoms (ehem) before I start dinner.

Ok, dinner in the oven, video uploaded.
Mostly this video makes us giggle because he manages to move the wrong hand first, while staring VERY intently at the blue sheep.

Zachary and I are almost over our colds and everyone is slowly getting back to eastern time. The crazy winds that blew over the tree outside my parents house (pictures forthcoming) have made it to new york, although the temperatures are freakishly warm. And although we do torture our baby by making him a website star, we don't do this. Thank goodness for small mercies. Although one might argue that the pictures are a fair predictor of the new hampshire primary outcomes. Just a thought.

zachs octopus family expands

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The lamaze toy range includes these crazy octopi :-) the small one looked HUGE when Zach was born. But even though it could still smoother him we got the next size up from another friend for christmas/the holidays. And not only is the new addition to the family GIGANTIC it is called octotunes because each leg has a squeaky of a different note, to make a whole octave! A video of twinkle twinkle or mary had a little lamb will follow at some point.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

grandma sings 5 little monkeys

grandma sings 5 little monkeys
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Singing and dancing in Santa Cruz, it's a party all the time. :) Our amazing weather finally gave out today - after lunch the skies opened up. California needs the rain and we're hoping it'll ease up a bit before we fly home. We're staying in tonight, entertained by the Iowa Caucuses on C-Span & PBS. I can never decide if I think the caucuses are a great idea or total madness. It is possible they are both.
Zachary has gotten several tours of Santa Cruz. We've taken him out to West Cliff Drive a few times, across the UCSC campus, out to Capitola and Aptos. Yesterday we had a great dinner with Shira and Sage (and their son Mordecai). Zachary was watching with wide eyes as Mordecai ran around. He was clearly getting some ideas as he watched from his carseat.