Sunday, April 25, 2010

the age divide

Buddy and Zachary playing with cars


Seriously, how jaded can you sound at two and a half?

Roughly like you will at 15, it turns out.

"Hey Zachary, what's this?" (a common phrase, as we've tried to encourage him to learn new words/things/etc.)

(insert sarcastic teenager face/tone/slouch here)

"I Don'T Know"...

(geesh, why would you think I would know? I'M TWO. Crazy lady)

Yeah. Why would I think you would know? Just yesterday, you asked for "More comedy, please" once the radio show stopped. So asking you about the color of a car is CRAZYTALK....


This phrase is only heard slightly more often than "I *know* that..."

Right. Yes. Silly me.... I don't know why I would think I would have to explain a SARCOPHOGUS to you. The most pre-eminent two year old egyptologist ever to live...

*rolls eyes*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

His favourite part was the buterflies

He told us so.

Such a Climber

Tonight Zachary got a toe, then a foot, then a knee, and then heaved all of himself up on the window sill. Finally he did it with out the aid of a step stool!

Meanwhile his sentences and words are improving almost daily. At Daycare he declared "Joseph fat baby, me fat boy, both fat baby" to both Cecelia and then later to Joseph's mother. A machine of chatter, he just has so many things to say.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tim and Lucia took a holiday and came to NYC, and made the trek up to washingtion heights to see us :-) We all went to the park to let Z charge off some steam and then home for dinner. At which point Lucia became Zachary's new best friend, except when she tried to wash his hair!

That go Austin?

We've been talking, occasionally, about our inevitable relocation. Recently Z has gotten very interested in what all is headed out with us. I think perhaps it started because I took an airplane WITHOUT HIM recently, and no amount of reinterpretation got him on that plane. So he figured - better start angling to make sure everything important made it to Texas ;)

(points to Linus) "Go Austin?"

"Yes, Both cats are coming to Austin."

(points to the table "That come Austin?"

"Yes, the table is coming to Austin."

(points to the light switch on the wall) "That come Austin?"

*grin* "No. The light switch is part of this house. It is not coming to Austin."

He's really just helping us organize our packing. He did of course confirm that the three of us and the cats were the first things going.

Now we're working on the idea of "Not for a while..." *grin*

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The weekend was a little tiring?

With all the warm sunshine we were out at the park twice a day, eventually Z needed a rest from all the playing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little bath sass

Zachary can take off his shirt.

And put it back on.

And then take it off again.

And balance it on his head.

And throw it in the air.

And put it back on.

And wear it like a gangsta with one arm out.

And take it off.

And spin it around like a stripper over his head.

And then put it back on.

Although it might be inside out and backwards by that last time.

Oh, sorry. Did you think he was going to HELP get ready for his bath?


blackjack matzah pushupus

The best way to start any morning.

Monday, April 5, 2010