Monday, March 31, 2008

Momma giggles

We're all post crazy because we've been neglectful during all the Grandma Jackie fun. Back to business though. Today is done and we're all looking at little shellshocked about real life. *grin* I'm sure we'll make it.
PS - Babies are tasty.

grandma's last day
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Jackie getting one last play in before heading out the door to catch her flight back to California yesterday.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Toes are tasty (and other miscellany)

Yummy yummy, baby toes in his tummy.
Zachary has been on a mission for the last several days (due to a raging teething discomfort) to bite and chew EVERYTHING. Really, everything. He chews on the straps of his carrier. He chews on every finger of every person he encounters. He would chew on the cats, but they have the sense to move more quickly than he does. And this evening? This evening he discovered his toes.
He's known about them, of course. And he pulls on them in this crazy almost yoga like stretch pretty regularly. But today after his bath I turned to pick up a wipe, turned back, and his toes were right in his mouth. He kept popping them in and out like "Oooh, what are these? Where did they...?!?!?! Oops, there they are!" and then grinning.
So sorry if he has less toes next time you see them. Apparently all our nibbling has taught him a dangerous lesson.

Friday, March 28, 2008


happy happy playtime
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Oh yeah. Fun is had by all. A bunch of new pictures are up on flickr documenting the crazy fun. We spent the earlier part of the week running all over town. Zachary (and entourage) visited the New York Public Library amongst other things. That stroller has now seen many many miles. Today was a home day hanging out with Auntie Marilyn - and making snacks & challah and watching Zachary eat the cow bar from his rocking chair.

Monday, March 24, 2008

And this one is for you, Mike

Sitting up with a stack o'toys
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He's starting to rock the sitting. It is incredibly entertaining.
Today we wandered about with Cousin Susan (although somehow managed to get no pictures) and even ran into Tamar. Hooray! We also took a peek at the Macy's Flower Show. Totally gorgeous. Fun is being had and spring is in the air. Pictures of Grandma Jackie over on flickr (more shall follow...)

For Uncle Jon

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We live here. *grin* Ok, we're both looking a little tired, and we're coming back from grocery shopping. But here is a requested picture of the two grown ups who take care of the smooshy one.

edited by the authoress, who can in fact spell her uncle's name. Just not late at night.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

There aren't many people I want to hit with sticks....

But these people? These people top the list.

My favorite is the woman who "refuses to sacrifice" her children for the greater good.
*insert growl here*

Firstly? Your children ARE the greater good. Secondly? I'm glad your children are so much more important than every other person on the planet. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.And lastly? I wish people would get educated. The diseases that have been effectively erradicated by vaccination are really not things we want hanging about. Because diptheria? Doesn't it sound sort of cute? Yeah, its not.

It is weird, but these vaccines may not have been developed just as an awesome conspiracy to damage our children. I mean, that is a high quality use of resources. But please.

(puts away hitting stick)

My mom is coming today! Back to cleaning. Pictures will, inevitably, follow.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Simcha Purim!

Whoohoo! Purimtastic. Well, first it was scary (Leora wolfwhistled, and he thought the sky was falling). But once he got a snack he boogied down with the best of them. We rocked out to ShirLaLa, went upstairs to hear the megillah read by the silly clergy, danced in circles and then... collapsed. Well, Zachary first. We had to get him home. Now we're just laying on the floor and eating hamentaschen. Mmm.. apricot hamentaschen. Best stuff ever. He can have some next year. Till then, they're allll mine......

All Tired Out 2

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watching the parade

Watching the parade
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This is how I got our son, sunburnt. On a clear and slightly chilly spring day watching all the brass, drums and bagpipes troop by.

Big Picture Content: Run away!

Ok, this is an itsy bitsy rant. But I'll put in a picture of the baby, so we cool ;)

I know this blog is really only read by like three people, and at least two of you already know about this so.... Skip now *grin*.

I was just reading an article on the new york times, and saw a link here. It's to "Ethos Water" for those of you not newtab clicking as we speak. Buy a bottle of water, help bring clean water to africa. Doesn't that sound faaaantastic? Well no, I think it's a bit crap actually. Because bottling water is bad for everyone, because plastic water bottles are a huge waste disposal issue, and because you can just DONATE MONEY as opposed to buying a product you don't need to donate less money than you would have in the first place. I'm thrilled that philanthropy & environmental awareness are moving up in the public eye. I'm sad that we feel like we have to trick people.

Part of this whole "raise a baby into a person" thing has involved us thinking about who we are and what we want him to learn about the world, on a day to day basis. Like how important it is to giggle ALL THE TIME. Some lessons are a little less obvious than this and we just hope he absorbs them on the more decadal time scale (seriously. Decadel is a word, Mom. I promise.). One of those lessons is tzedakah. And one of the ways we do it is through the One Percent Foundation. Wha? Well, a while back people started tossing this idea around... one percent. I mean, one percent of your income isn't so much, right? But it turns out its a nontrivial amount. I think it started with companies trying to demonstrate they understood the idea of embedding themselves in their communities. And now it has grown to encompass a larger movement - people who are giving at least one percent of their income to move the world forward. Onwards & upwards. Raising all boats. That sort of thing. We belong to OPF and it is a fantastic foundation started by some folks we've known for a long time (Hola, Mike & Daniel!). It is a group of "young people" (thank goodness someone still thinks we're young) investing our money and pooling it to increase the impact of our giving. It is just getting off the ground and growing so... click over. Check it out. And even if you don't jump on board with the awesomeness, it is the sort of awesomeness you can do ALL BY YOURSELF. And it will still be awesome. Find a group who you want to get behind. Help that old lady across the street. Don't push someone onto the subway tracks.

Do more than buy a bottle of water :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Never enough cute

Can I be of service?
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Zachary joined us for dinner this evening (as he does). Mark thinks this is hysterical because Zach will actually smoosh his entire lower jaw to try to eat the cup. Or whatever. But with the cup you get actual proof of jaw smoosh. I uploaded a few miscellaneous leftover pics... including further proof of baby torture (sorry, debbie) and pictures of his new high chair. Ooooooooooh. Indeed.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Diaper Changing = Fun

In which Zachary demonstrates that he knows when fun is coming, and that he may be starting to respond to his name. Oh, and that life is SUPER fun.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time to say byebye

Its time for Mum to go... A sad farewell after a great visit with Zachary

Saturday, March 8, 2008

sleepy skunk

sleepy skunk
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because you can never have too much happy skunk suit. We dressed him all up to go down town to a b'way show, Rapunzel, by KneeHigh. The show was fantastic and Z-zoo behaved very well considering it was his first time at the theatre.

Times sq.
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Above is a rarity for this site....All 3 of us together!!!!!!!!! says granny cornwall

Friday, March 7, 2008

granny cornwall in new york

granny cornwall in new york
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a proud grandma, beaming from ear to ear because of all the compliments from strangers on the TVadorable Zachary

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Grandma Cornwall Visits

Grandma Cornwall Visits
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She made it. After a 3 hour car ride, 8 hour flight, and 2 hour NJT/subway adventure, plus all that hassle waiting for planes and trains! But she got her Zach-cuddle and chatted with grandpa Alan back in the UK before falling asleep on our couch. Knackered but very happy.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Pancake

Oh my god. We are such dorks.

Superheroes Anonymous

"Hello... My name is Zachary and I'm a superhero..."

"Hello Zachary"

"My superhero name is.. The Pancake. And my power is.... flipping over...I just can't seem to stop"