Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great-Great Aunt Claire's wedding

That's right today, we got to hang out in NJ for Claire and Newt's wedding ceremony. It was wonderful. Zachary had a blast on the train and even more fun in the pond. Agua, Ball. Oh and Mud!

lunchtime #2
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Making friends

Rudi and Z on the slide
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Zachary made a friend at the park named Rudy. He is three, and just enough ahead of Z that he got to teach him also sorts of fun and naughty tricks. Like swinging from the bar just above the slide. And lying in puddles, oh wait that was Z's trick!

It was quite incredible really, that Zachary chased, climbed , and ran in the sprinklers with Rudy for well over an hour. They clearly got along, and yet hardly communicated. Apart from Zachary's non-verbal patting the slide, when Rudy was leaning on him to get him to go first. But later on they switched placed and Z learned to lean on him to get him to go.

The sprinklers are a little strong for Zachary at the 173rd park. Rudy ran through the middle, while Zachary played on the edges and started to call "roo dee, ROO DEE" to get his attention.
v. cute.

All in all, quite cool to watch, particularly as Rudy came over to say bye but really just to try and stop his new friend from leaving.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seriously, universe?

Zachary has had this wild rash for the last few days. We initially thought it was heat rash (it has been intensely warm and humid here) but surprise! I'm going to guess viral. No,no, he's fine. None of his extremities have fallen off and although he might have briefly had a fever it wasn't high.

Mark, however, has 102.

*thuds head on floor*

Thank you, yes, ... Oh. Duh. Thank you interwebz.

It very well could be a post croup bout of roseola. Whatever, our baby always gets the rashes. No matter what the illness. Rash. Poof.

Ok, I'm going to sleep so when the ill-twins wake up, both cranky, I'm rested.

Upside? Some science might have fallen out of my meeting this week. So that's pretty great. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


running in the sprinklers #5
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Z really has his run on now. And his words are exploding, he says "Judy" "Mike" "Debbie" "Rabbi"(this might be Rabbit it's still unclear). he is also saying "pleaZZe" and "gracias". And all the time there is more. It also turns out he knows (possibly) more Spanish than English. As proved by the conversation he recently had with a friend of Sarah's.

where's Zachary?

where is Zachary?
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I've encourage him into this a few times,with limited success. Last night he got in all on his own, and pulled it all the way closed.

daredevil with a jiggle

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How cute are we??

You're pretty darned cute. Both of you.

The first of many

Mini and Dino book
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Zachary and I are back from California. Lots of pictures are on my parent's cameras, or my sister's, or who knows what. But here are a few to start you off, along with the stories that go with them.

This is Z's california car. We found it in a second hand baby things store (see below). It was amazing. PS? It is a mini. I swear. He's not even two, and he's already had a fancier car than I have ever had. Oy. Bad precedent.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Music time with Grandpa Michael

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Greetings from the golden west!

Look, I don't suck. I'm UPLOADING CONTENT. Ok, new improved content will be soon. None of this is moving. And let me tell you, the moving is damned funny. We're having a great deal of fun out in California. Zachary has chosen this charming location as the place to give birth to his last two teeth. Dear god in heaven. If every child teethed in this way THE SKY WOULD FALL. Several times before thursday. He literally throws himself around as if he's having a tooth related seizure. He nursed for two days (and nights) straight before I finally had the sense/cruelty/soretenderbits to say ENOUGH. Oh, also probably because I finally rested for a second and then was like, where the heck is that motrin? And sorry kid, but the boobies will fall off eventually. So far tonight he's surviving. You think we'd be better at this by the last two teeth, yet somehow every time is a surprise.

In other news... water is awesome, he spends a lot of time reenacting things physically (visual storytelling - hilarious). And we found the BEST TOY EVER at a second hand toy store today. It must be european, because the weight limit is in kilos. It is a super red ride on mini shuffle car. Oh my gosh. Its amazing. I want one. But I weigh more than 23 kilos. Bugger. There will be pictures. But there are not yet.

Also, in the wet pictures? Zachary kept running up, handing me water, asking me to pour it on him, then running away. While cackling hysterically. I think its fair to say he's having fun.

Tomorrow, to gilroy. To replace the shoes he has worn holes in. I'm hoping we can convince him to take some upgrades. Because we've stopped being able to convince people that we are not stingy child abusers. Even though they concede the flames are cool.