Thursday, July 23, 2015

Little Feet

The other night, the house was dark expect for Sarah and I brushing our teeth in the bathroom. When we hear a quiet pitter-patter pitter-patter, and then who should appear but Miss Collins. Looking a little bleary eyed and confused about the whole "how did I get here" and "why is it so bright?"

She wasn't upset, just ready to go back bed. This isn't the first time she has gotten up, although it might be the first sneak attack. A few times recently Miriam has started to fuss and by the time one of us gets up to settle her down she is waiting just the other side of the bedroom door. Unfortunately, this can result in a very upset baby, if the door is flung open!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Watercolor Technique

HOW CUTE IS SHE? Pretty cute, if you ask me. She is *SO* focused while she paints her picture. I am always amazed at how serious kids are at this age about preference. It is so important to give her some things to choose, but it also is hysterical and out of hands. This is how we end up doing things like hiding shoes that are too small because otherwise CATASTROPHE. Also, gravity has gotten pretty heavy when she is dissatisfied.

So there you go. She goes to daycare, and they let her do fun things like art, and eating playdough. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Terrible people who never post anything.

Yeah. That's us. Sorry. Life has been bananas.

The littlest Collins has been cutting these four front fangs forever. For actual ever. I am in no way exaggerating this. Hyperbole has no part. She is REAL ANGRY about it, and we can't fix it because I hear "helping" teeth cut through isn't allowed and it is THE WORST. She is seeing sleep like a hobby she can opt out of, and PS - Not A Hobby. I personally find myself QUITE COMMITTED to a regular practice of sleep that I am not getting. Not cool, baby. Not cool.

She is talking up a storm which is incredibly fun. She can say all sorts of funny things like "Other Side" and "Garbage yay!" and "Nononononon MINE." and "Margaret".... Because that is one of her classmates. She now has a classmate named Zachary so we're hoping that helps. She might have managed "Brother" for Z recently and we'll call that a solid try.

IT IS SUMMER HERE. Although summer is not like any summer we've seen before. It is raining. And thundering. And all over the place. People will probably set off fireworks tomorrow and not even have to worry quite so much about burning down all of Texas. We're calling it a win.

Zachary is touring the summer day camp circuit. Today is his last day of a month at Campfire Nature camp. They've gone on nature walks and learned to weave and stamp leather and played a lot of foursquare. Zachary has decided he's going to be a professional bird watcher.

He may have also asked for a destination birthday in which we went to see beautiful birds. Apparently it is ok if we need to use a plane. Thanks for that, kid.

Miriam & Z have a magnificent time together. Their favorite game is chase (with many variations) - including tackle chase, pillow toss chase, and endless scream chase. Weirdly it rarely ends in tears. Zachary is incredibly mindful, and Miriam can endure a throw pillow right in the face without trauma. Good job team.

OH NO THERE ARE NO PICTURES WITH THIS POST. Sorry. This weekend is the 4th of July. I promise we'll make memories AND pictures over the weekend.