Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yup, that's my boy

Two lovely girls over for a playdate, Lucy and Tessa!
And then he picks his nose in front of the camera!

exhausted Zachary interpretation

Tired from the playdate with Lucy and Tessa, and from running around food and climbing wall (parts) shopping.

While I was lugging the ply and 2x6s into the garden, Z picked up some chalk and started drawing on the blackboard we have out there. Once i was done I asked for a description what the swirly whirly mass of colors was.


"sorry, waht is it?"




"hhhhhmmmm, Dad's not understanding what your saying Z?"

"over reeeeeeeeeeeee"

"oh over tree"

"Yeah, over tree!"

"the top of a tree, with with leaves?"

"YES, look now I draw the trunk ..... and grass"

Were you wondering how a three year old blackmails?

With traffic cones, it turns out.

We know, we know. Pictures. Some coming shortly, from a fantastic play date this morning. Zachary was missing his friends from his old class, and two of them came over to play. Much fun was had.

Then we went to the hardware store to pick things up to make a climbing wall. Zachary is in love, Mark is feeling healthy enough to start exercising at the speed of a three year old, and the whole thing makes me smile. We're running through the aisles playing with.. whatever, and I grabbed a small orange cone because... They're awesome? It made a good hat? Zachary then wanted to return to the cones, inspect their quality and height for possible T-ball applications... and build a family?

That's right. He took off two big cones, a medium sized cone, a little cone and said... "Baby, Brother, Mommy, and Daddy!!" and then, looking very pleased with himself, went to get two more little cones. "AND THE CATS!!!"

Maybe we should tell him that once he learns to change diapers, we can have a talk.

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Watch and Learn"

Tonight as we were eating dinner, Zachary suddenly grasped his fork and gave it a flourish.


I tried not to react. This is the constant battle of parenting a 3 year old. Trying not to fall to the floor laughing. I made eye contact with Mark and mouthed "Did you hear that??"

Zachary watched sharply, cackled, and repeated "Watch and learn!"

He wildly stabbed his mac and cheese, wounding more than he caught and flew them towards his face with a force unknown in nature.

He then balanced it carefully on his closed mouth, smirked, and opened his mouth so slowly that the single pasta shell plummeted to the floor.

Definitely didn't see that coming.

Rinse and repeat. Eventually he managed a BITE FULL of pasta. Watch and learn indeed. The cackling spread. "you ate a bite! High five!"

I held up my hand.

He cheered and swung his fork, up until moments ago hidden under the table, aimed straight for the center of my palm.

They should use toddlers to train secret agents to have quick reflexes. Only the strong survive.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

first trip bouldering

gus fruh - bouldering
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One of the wonderful tings about Austin is the easy access to the outdoors. Maybe 10 minutes from our house, and within city limits are several great climbing areas. Our first bouldering trip was to Barton Creek, where there are several spots to climb and boulder on limestone cliffs.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Learning to read

So Z has been getting more wordy by the day. Last night I told him "your squinting in the photos" I was taking (see below). He turning to me said "I was squinting because I was concentrating" (because he was using the awesome straw).

Currently he is sitting on Sarahs lap learning to read. Having told us "I'm frustrated because I don't know the words".

glasses straw

glasses straw
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Party like its... 1999?

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Yeah, this was the new year's party at GiGi Evelyn's rehab center. Let us just say that with all the sparkly beads and the awesome crowns (not to mention those noisemakers. He melted through one of them) Zachary's new years was made. Ours too, for that matter.

PS - Aunt Debbie

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This one is for you.

Our awesome food choices

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Yes, he is licking cake batter off the mixer (new, fantastic, the coolest piece of kitchen technology EVER.). I just realized you can also see a pizza box behind it. At least there are raw veggies on top of it.

Zachary noticed me taking this picture and did not even slow down with the batter consumption.

Sorry, Mom. I warned him about the salmonella. But he looked so happy...