Saturday, March 19, 2016

Househunting - The departure

I left home at 4am to head to Seattle to try and find a house.

Well, I tried to leave. I got up at 3:30am to take a shower. Miriam, who currently is barely succumbing to sleep on the best of days got out of bed and leaned on the bathroom door moaning "MOMMY". I eventually rescued her from despair. Then we embarked on an endless game of "What does the baby need?" that involved changing a diaper, being naked, needing different pajamas, needing a yougurt stick, needing to be in mommy & daddy's bed, and needing wheetabix (cereal) WITH milk AND sugar in the RED bowl with the matching spoon.

Eventually she just blockaded the front door and said "I GO AIRPORT" quite forcefully. I told her to learn to count to five, because that's how many days it would be until she went to the airport, and then the taxi came.

Good luck, Mark. I suspect you will need it ;>

(Update: We have not yet bought a house.)

Friday, March 11, 2016

The truth of children...

I was picking the kids up from school the other day before I headed out of town, and the wind was fierce. It was blowing in a storm, and my hair was blowing every which way. Miriam thought it was delightful and kept patting at my head and laughing.

As we got into the car she mashed her hair all over her head so it stuck out every which way and grinned. "Look! Like mama!"


Thanks kiddo. Indeed. Just like mama.