Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Z versus the ice cream cone

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He won. It was hard going though. Several times we all held our breath waiting for him to fall asleep with his face on the cone. There are many cute ice cream eating pictures by this one. But the tired here was just... too wonderful to not share.

Seriously, Aunt Debbie

Zachary has requested that Mike & Debbie go to daycare with him this morning. Aunt Debbie has gone wearing her jammies the last few times. Zachary looked at her this morning and said "Aunt Debbie, you need to be wearing clothes."

The negotiating began. "Just pants?"

"No. Pants AND a wakeup shirt"

(Debbie, looking sad) "Fiiiiiiiiine"

Oh, how quickly the tables turn.

Monday, November 29, 2010

This is why we have uncles

Uncle Mike just taught Zachary how to give (and receive) wet willies.

That would be where you lick your finger and stick it into someone else's ear.

While shrieking hysterically with laughter. That part, it appears, is key.

Thanks Uncle Mike. You were right. It *is* the perfect bedtime game.

Luckily Mommy introduced the crucial rule "This is a special game JUST FOR UNCLES".

toddlerspeech is awesome

"something witty but problematic" A grown up

"no bigs" Sarah

"no littles" Zachary

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Rocked.

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There are lots of pictures here. Follow through to a zillion pictures. Lots of pictures. People in orange. Ice cream. Rolling down hills.

We're all very tired. More later ;>

Friday, November 12, 2010


The other day in the car coming home from daycare Granny Linda asked Z "which side is the pirate octopus going to be on?"

Sarah and Z have had all sorts of conversations and games surround this bizaire octosculpture that we pass everyday. Including how silly it is to be wearing a hat underwater; "wouldn't it just float away?"

Anyway, Z points to the drivers side, as Granny L says "ok, frist one to see it yells octopus" and of course she is looking out of the wrong side of the car mislead by an eagar winner of the silly game. "OCTOPUS" "OCTOPUS" "OCTOPUSSSSSSSSSSSSS"
It was the first time Z has actively lied, or at least falsified information. Naughty but adorable!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bouncy slide

sliding for cady
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We did halloween in the UT basketball arena. Undergrads and various organizations come together, and organize games and candy and all sorts of fun. Zachary was initially hesitant about the bouncy castle. But after several hours of candy and overstimulation, as well as two runs on the bouncy slide, he was ready to take on the castle once again. By the end (right about when the halloween picture below was taken) he was willing to admit "I'm a little tired too".

Uh huh. He could barely stay upright. Fun was had by all.

Happy Election Day!