Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Day

Well, I managed to hold it together until the elevator after I dropped him off yesterday.

It was sad and fantastic all at the same time. Now he's off living a life without us. Which is exactly right, but makes me a gasp a little all the same. He's good, he clearly has the coping skills and understands whats going on in the world. I dropped him off again this morning. He sat right down to playing with his friend Pearl and didn't look back. Heartbreak never felt so good.

Now its just up to adapt to... regular life. I'm so grateful for this last year of our weird schedules and getting to spend so much time with Z. I just have to bring the same attention to bear on my "other baby" now....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a few minute favor

So the pretty picture of Z I put on the blog yesterday, I just entered in a competition.
Vote for it here
You have to sign up, for a free photrade account (much like flickr) and then vote for me. The competition is part popularity contest part judges, so the more votes the better chance the judges will consider it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

upside down pinapple boy

ZacharyZoo stretching and strengthening all those muscle he needs for walking. Or that's our interpretation anyway. There are some new pictures up, many taken with my new toy, a 50mm lens. It is soooo much fun, thanks mum and dad.

standing dog pose
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And this one I've entered into a competition, "portraits", we'll see how I do. I might get a new camera bag or even a new camera, 'cos of course I really need one! The odds are pretty slim thought 1/2000 or so!

DSC_0403.JPG portrait set
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oh and p.s. in other exciting news zachary will be starting daycare tomorrow! Zenaida Nadal will now be looking after Zachary from about 9-5. She runs (and has been for 14yrs) a small (5-6 kid) family daycare, where Z's friend Pearl also goes. And its 3 blocks from our building and one from the park!

Friday, October 24, 2008


He's 27lbs 2.5oz & 31" tall.

So... still giant. *grin*

In a charming way. He also had his first MMR vaccine and his HepA. One poke in each chubby thigh. He looked unimpressed and gave a little cry, but was distracted by... oh, everything. I think he's forgotten already.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our first fight

Zachary and I had our first fight.

It was over the disputed ownership of a cheesestick.

It is hard to say who wanted it more, the newly minted toddler, or the nursing mother of the newly minted toddler.

There was wrangling.

There was negogiating.

There was a gaping shriek in which his mouth opened so wide there was nothing left of his face.

He was placated with the wrapper and a few bits. I was placated with the rest of the slightly mangled cheesestick.

That all our future disputes should be so swiftly and satisfactorily concluded.

New grownupshoes

New Shoes
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Oh yeah, going out in style

Whatchu talking bout?

Whatchu talking bout?
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New carseat! WHOO! Safe, thanks to the other grandparents (now he's safe AND warm. Lucky bugger).

It has a cupholder. He thinks its awesome for stashing things. And it lasts (the carseat, not the cupholder) till he's 100 lbs. So at least next year. ;)

(juuuuust kidding)


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That's right, winter is a comin. And the grandparents hooked Z up with serious warm ware. This is the bottom part, and the most dangerous grin in the world. And rapid fire catch up pictures (because lots are cute....)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Family

Happy Family
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Well, there you go. We all live here. We've been at this for a year now, and I might say we're starting to get the hang of it. You can tell Zachary is getting the hang of it, because he's covered in GRUB. Good clean New York grub. He had a marachino cherry with dinner, so the grub had some help with the sticking.

A year ago, he was just a giant baby trapped in my womb. And now, just trouble. Wonderful giggly all over the place trouble. We wouldn't trade him for anything.

Well, maybe a really good chocolate cake...
No, no. Not for anything. Really. ;)

Happy Birthday, Zachary. Here's to having no idea what we're doing, and loving every minute of it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

walking on fingers

walking on fingers
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that's right, he has started to walk on fingers again. Bringing the inevitable closer :-) Ever since his crawling got better than the walking, he has pretty much refused to stand up and take even a few steps. His main form of protest being picking up his legs and throwing himself on his bum, and looking up angrily with a why do make me do that look.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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Grandma and Grandpa Cornwall have arrived. And there is a bunch of pictures up, although in fact none with them as yet.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Catching up

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Because our visit was soooooo fun, we have lots of pictures that I (sarah) am slow to upload). Naughty naughty. Also a few silly videos coming up. Anyway, tada, fun! Zachary really did love the mandolin, and the grandpa wrestling. There was lots of wrestling. Z may mistakenly think he could take down a horse, though, since every time he "tackles" one of us we collapse to the floor. Oh well...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

happy end on summer

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today the play ground was fun for both of us. The rain has washed all the muck from the slides making them much faster, and from Z's grin, better. I had a blast messing around with a new flash technique on my camera. It's a snoot! how fun is that to say. Basically a cardboard tube to focus the beam. Then you highlight, and don't lose those pretty leaves turning in the slightly chilly blue sky.

Blocks in Hat

or: the craziest birthday hat ever. It has a stash pocket. Thank you, Tucker Girls.
Zachary is an unconventional user of the birthday hat, but we're hoping through desensitization that he'll end up wearing it long enough (awake) for us to get a picture.

Lots of pics & videos to upload from the Grandpa Michael visit, but just this to start with:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

junior mando-time

Z loves to pluck those strings and pet the body as it resonates, from Grandpa Michael's strumming. He left us today, heading back to California.... on a jet plane.