Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two more funny passover stories

1) We got home a little late (11ish?) and Z had only just fallen asleep on the walk home from the subway station. He was tired enough that Mark wriggled him out of clothes into jammies and into bed.

At 3am we were awoken by Z sitting bolt up in bed and saying "Fish book??"

And now I die laughing. We read him a book with fishes (thanks, gigi evelyn) every night before bed.

And at 3am, Zachary realized we hadn't read it. Oh my life.

2) When he woke up tuesday morning? Instead of going to daycare, he wanted to go to Kenny's house. He did a lot of re-enacting. It was awesome.

Passover at the Burch House

the "happy family" pic
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We will miss this *so* much. We've gone every year we've been in new york (and present, unlike last year) and it has been so fantastic. My friend Ken Burch has shared his family (he grew up in chelsea).

Also, Z won the passover gift lotto. That's right, he didn't know passover was a gifting holiday either. At this rate, all the kids at day care are going to want to convert. "You got a robot? And a blinking duck?? AND A CAR?? We're in..."

This is Kenny with his girlfriend Kyoung-Yim, who we met for the first time.

You can tell how much Z likes them both :)

Dyeing Passover Eggs

passover eggs #6
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Yeah, you got a problem with that? *grin*


Please. Tell me you could have passed that up. With a colorless crayon (aka - wax stick) to make designs!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Evening update

He has now run through the house yelling "BIPED! BIPED! BIPEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHED!"

Context: Mark tried to get him to go to the bath by tackling him every time he crawled by, hollering "Quadrapeds are SLOW." and only letting him go by when he was walking/running.

Double update: Mark just walked by carrying Z under the arms and saying "Now you're a noped"... so this might not have been a successful bath strategy....

Dinner in the Collins House

Zachary is in an explosively conversational time, to a variety of humourous effects.

Also, there appears to be a lot of excitable yelling. I expect this phase to end by the time he graduates college.

Our dinner went something like this "Mine mine mine mine, bread, pizza mine, No dipping no dipping no mommy daddy no dipping nodippiEEEEHHHHHHHHH..... "

Then mark pours more oil and vinegar onto the plate we're using to dip bread. And tries to make a smiley face, because he does that with Z's honey & yogurt. Except there are some obvious issues to any of you who have ever experienced these four substances.

Mark yells, "Damn, hydrophobic effect!" as the vinegar smooshes into an indistinguisable blob. "Zachary, can you say hydrophobic?"


Hm, close?


got it in two.

annnnnnd... "No dipipng mommy mommy mine bread..."


Upside, we've named his piggy bank "Trevor, The treif tzedakah pig"

All in all a productive weekend.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


New Shoes

Can you tell he likes them?

He does.

They're keens. Zappos is awesome - we ordered four pair, he tried them all on and walked around in them and told me if they felt "Good" or "Bad".


He's sleeping with them under his pillow, the place of great favor.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Outside our building...

Zachary has mastered this. Sometimes, he does a little spin and does it backwards.
This week has been incredibly lovely. We went to the park today and every child in a ten mile radius was there. wow.

We opened the windows and told zachary when we moved to texas we could open the windows all the time.

Soon he's going to think Texas is made of cupcakes...

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Difference in weather

this was two weekends ago, digging out a snow drift half the size of a car

this was 7 days later, the neck breaking stare is because he was fascinated by a squirrel that no suprise disappeared up the tree as soon as he charged over.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I can't wait for puberty...

Because at least then the shrieking will be more basso than mosquito.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

High Chair

Yeah, Zachary still sits in his high chair. Although I use that word loosely...