Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zachary says "cuh"

that's right he just got a whole new consonant. Suddenly, book, duck and quack are words he can manage. And he just said the names of several animals in his "where's spot?" book. We haven't even read it before. He just knows what a monkey (or crocodile or penguin) look like. Last week on the bus to the pick up the CSA he pointed to a little girl (maybe 5 or 6) and said "monkey". She was carrying a cuddly toy monkey, and it turn out a mini toy cat. Which she shared with him, as he bounced on his seat saying "cat, cat" and "meow". Again, all parentally unprompted. He is really engaging with the world, and starting to figure things out by himself, its so great to watch.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zachary and his pink chalk

Much like Harold Zachary drew where ever he went, you could trace his path across the rocks from the pink. A great find, the pink chalk, we left it at the playground for other kids to play with.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nanny Nikki

Zachary had a great time this weekend. We took a trip to south Jersey, for Jen and Brendan's wedding, and Nikki was kind enough to volunteer as nanny for the duration. He really is getting to be a better car passenger since he hardly fussed at all. And he seemed to do really well with Nikki while we were off at the wedding.
They spent about an hour switching the hotel room's a/c on and then pretending to get blown across the room. They watched a little football, had some pizza, and then he passed out while watching a cartoon.
On sunday, we stopped by a flea market. Now, as it happens, Zachary has recently been interested in both coinage and his pockets. And he happened to be carrying 50 cents in his pocket when he came across a battered up matchbox police vehicle he could not live without. He later learned from NIkki, on the long drive home, it was called a "po po car" (slang for police, from california).

Farran's 2nd Birthday

very naught boys
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Was a week or 2 ago, and they had a party for him at daycare. This is the naughty boys, up to mischief, dancing on the table.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Toddler Triathalon

Last night we were getting settled in for the evening and idly chasing Zachary towards the bath when he scampered with intent up the couch. We watched to see what sort of michief was in the works. Its never worth a pre-bath tantrum unless danger is imminent. Zachary carefully moved several couch cushions until he found what he was looking for - the cat flicker. Ah. And started to wave it wildly in the air.
Ok. That's fine. As long as nobody loses an eye.

We managed to lure him to the safety of the hallway where he proceeded to chase Mark & I back and forth for as long as it took to tire him out. And then he got his soccer ball. And kicked that up and down the hall until he literally collapsed. He actually had quite good aim with the cat flicker, managing to smack several hallway decorative features (like the fire alarm. Hmm....).

Although he crawled into bed with us at 4am, he slept through till 7:30am pretty well.

We might be on to something here.

He is also cutting his two year old molars. There seems to be less shrieking than the last teeth. This morning leaving the house was cataclysmic though, so its hard to say. He is much more clear about what is uncomfortable, so I guess we'll be grateful for that.

Oh! And he didn't nurse before bed. He asked for a snack, then gathered up his animals and headed to bed. By himself.

He might go to college alone after all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nana Daddy Uh oh

"Mark? Did Zachary eat a banana but drop part of it somewhere?"
*awkward pause*

"Yes? He dropped it crossing the street so we couldn't go back. How did you know?"

(flashback four minutes)

Mark & Zachary got home yesterday from picking up CSA veg. It was a toddler meltdown. He was obviously hungry, and past the point of caring. I scooped him up from the hallway as he lost it at top volume and by the time we were half way in the house the chorus of "Baba!" demands were coming fast & furious between the sniffles. "Don't you want some dinner?" *sobsobsob* "BABA!" "Fine. You can nurse for 1 minute before you have some dinner" *snifflesniffle*

So we sat on the couch to calm down. And I'm asking what he wants for dinner, and what he ate at daycare, and other miscellaneous food related babble to encourage him to move on to dinner. And he looks up and goes "Nana!" and points to his mouth.

Now, we're trying hard to encourage Zachary to "use his words". Because he has them. Really he does. But frankly he communicates pretty well without full sentences. So we've been trying to encourage him to string things together, and trying to respond quite as quickly even though we generally get the gist of what he's going for. But its a tricky balance. Because being 2 is frustrating enough.

"Ah! You want a banana?"
*headshake no*

"Did you eat a banana?"


"Yum. At daycare?"

*headshake no* (which is funny, because he is QUITE able to say no)


"Ah, Daddy gave you a banana?"

*headshake yes*

"Uh oh!!" *wild hand motioning off to one side*

*puzzled look on mommy's face*

"It fell down? Did part of it fall down?"

*vigorous nod*

"Nana daddy uh oh!!!"

(flash forward)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zachary got to stay up tonight to see Sarah arrive home. We were both happy to see her. He got to tell her all about our adventures this weekend, haha, including his first deep fried oreo, at the festival of San Gennaro (another Ray and Mort Street Fair). Which we happened across as we passed through little Italy on Saturday.
Today we played at 1st street park on the lower eastside. He watched some older kids serving imaginary pizza and ice cream. Then later on, I was leaning on the "counter" watching him and he came over and served me. I asked if it was pizza or ice cream, and was told "both" :-) Then he had some, and I must of finished 'cos we both had seconds, thirds and maybe even forths. Good thing imaginary food is so low in calories.

On the subway home (he is such a good boy riding the trains now) we bumped into Rob (Pearl's dad). We chatted and as we got off the A train at 168th st, Z took my hand and then Robs, and climbed All the stairs to the street and sang to himself as we walked ALL the way to Haven Ave. He was adorable with his happy groove, just singing and walking, walking and singing.

Tonight he went to sleep clutching his new ball. A half size, football from the Marseille team l'OM.

the preflash made him pull a face and let go of the ball. I'm such a mean Dad, must never forget the rule "Don't wake the sleeping baby".

Friday, September 11, 2009

Zachary likes climbing into boxes. You seen the pictures, and now here is a movie from a little while back. He loved the packing peanuts too. Tonight he pretty much unpacked the fresh direct order, by himself. He just kept going back to the box, and bringing me the next item to put away. But once emptied, the box was his. He stood in it, he sat, he lay down, he closed it, he opened it, he even found the divider and used it as a seat belt.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hyped up and ready for bed?

On labor day, I took Z to the little red lighthouse. We ran around on the grass, watched some tennis, chased some dogs, threw stones in a rock pool and then into the hudson. We read "the little red lighthouse and the great gray bridge, don't worry I wasn't the only dorky parent doing it. We saw our apartment building, from the outside, and lots of cars as we crossed under and over the various roads and hughways to get to the park. All this, and the 2 new teeth (FINALLY) has lead to a uber chipper and excitable young boy.

This little trip, came about because Zachary suddenly likes story books. Up until now he has been into "moo, baa, la" or "abc" books. But last night, we read him the aforementioned book. And he sat on the couch captivated.

He also got up to some naughtiness with Sarah, in the morning, while I was working. They went out for a walk and coming back into the lobby he threw the ball towards the front desk. But Mum instincts kicked in, and rather than follow the flight of the ball, she saw him out of the corner of her eye, turn 180 and dash back towards the doors, the street, and of course the cars. She caught up with him before he got to far but he really is getting both speedy and tricksey.

Dinner Party

We had Nikki and Ryan over for dinner last week. It must be the soothing scotts accent because while Sarah and I were chatting to Nikki in the Kitchen. Z got a book, climbed up on the couch next to Ryan and sungled up to read with him. How adorable is that!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Morning Madness

Ok, it wasn't mad at all. Funny, though.

I leave tonight for France for a few days. Lots to do, was mostly lying in bed trying not to get up this morning. I've been trying to discourage Z from coming to bed at crazy hours with us - his teething+sick got intense a few days back (one, possibly two of those eye teeth [i-teeth as in incisors?] - finally through! Thank heavens)... Now that I think he's suffering less, we've been trying to keep him in his own bed. But at about 6:20am he comes and begs to nurse. I say no, he throws a bit of a fit and gets over it (yay) but of course... then he's up. Mark manages to distract him with a cheese stick (which he brings back to bed). Still not convinced that he's interested, Zachary pops off our bed with the cheesestick and marches purposefully out of the bedroom. Mark and I wait quietly... he is capable of entertaining himself, right? Our house isn't too dangerous.... but it is too quiet in the living room. He's probably eaten one of the cats or started a fire or something. Mark goes to check, giggles, and motions me to get up. Zachary has ensconced himself on the couch, pulled a quilt over his lap, and his patting this giant anthology of children's stories.


"Do you want to read a story?"

(vigorous nodding. Giant book pulled onto lap. vigorous patting of couch indicating parental sitting)

Right. Got it. I guess its morning now. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy thursday!

Thanks mom. You totally cursed me with the swine flu. Just thought you should know. ;)

Ok, maybe not the swine flu. But a fever, a bit, and a sore throat. Oy. Toddler = all sorts of illnesses. Not Z. He might have been a little under the weather this weekend, but he's chipper and sound asleep (perhaps not at the same time) now. Mark is off at Brookhaven doing wonderful science, and I'm holding down the fort.

The start of our week was pretty funny. Zachary had fun at the wedding. He was a little fussy, but we just wrote it off to dragging him around and trying to convince him to sit through a wedding.

Tuesday broke and he... screamed. No joke. It was awesome. Morning isn't usually traumatic. He actually cried in his stroller as we headed to daycare. Like the sky was falling. Humourously, he stopped crying long enough to say hello to everyone in our lobby. Red faced, tears dripping everywhere. Big smile on his face. Till we walked out the door then right back to the screaming. *sigh* Could someone mail us shirts that say "We aren't actually torturing him right at this very moment"..? That would help, thanks.

Wednesday morning was pretty much like a comedy sketch. He asked Mark for an umbrella as we were getting ready to leave. Then he asked for his baseball cap. He pulled the cap on low over his eyes, shook open the umbrella.... and started to walk. He was actually quite clever about it. He used the umbrella like cat whiskers and bounced against the walls. He managed to stay upright. He shuffled into the elevator, which was of course full of people. I had a lovely conversation with a woman wearing her baby girl. It went something like this : "Oh, she's so cute! How old is she?" "Thanks! Eleven months! How old is your..." "Umbrella? He's almost two."

We got downstairs and Zachary ran like a cannonball all the way till he got to the desk. He said hallo to Felicia, and then as we reached the first set of doors he stopped. He carefully raised his hand up so he could hold the edge of the umbrella and Mark's hand at the same time. And then proceeded onward.

I'm proud to say at no time did I pee in my pants laughing.

Eventually the umbrella got put away, because really, it does impede street navigation when only 3 feet off the ground. Sort of like one of those mushroom thingies in pinball. Except its moving.

He might be crazy, but at least he's entertaining.