Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reading Rocks

bumpy frog
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Zachary sometimes keeps himself happily busy with his toys in our living room. Last week I was busy and turned around to find him quietly on his back, flipping through his book about "Colours" - multicultural, see? We got it in England ;) He looked up when I got the camera, but for ages he was just busily flipping through the pages and touching the animals (one side of the pages has textures, such as the bumpy frog you see here. Bumpy frog = Grandma Jackie's favorite).

Whoo! We're off to North Carolina on Wednesday, so things might get a little quiet in the blogosphere while I FREAK OUT. *grin* Just kidding. Well, not about the quiet. But hopefully about the freaking out.

PS - Zachary turned 11 months on saturday. 11 months! How did that happen? Did I blink? Bugger. I must have done. Expect a retrospective by next month ;) Maybe we'll have a quiz .....

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