Monday, October 27, 2008

upside down pinapple boy

ZacharyZoo stretching and strengthening all those muscle he needs for walking. Or that's our interpretation anyway. There are some new pictures up, many taken with my new toy, a 50mm lens. It is soooo much fun, thanks mum and dad.

standing dog pose
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And this one I've entered into a competition, "portraits", we'll see how I do. I might get a new camera bag or even a new camera, 'cos of course I really need one! The odds are pretty slim thought 1/2000 or so!

DSC_0403.JPG portrait set
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oh and p.s. in other exciting news zachary will be starting daycare tomorrow! Zenaida Nadal will now be looking after Zachary from about 9-5. She runs (and has been for 14yrs) a small (5-6 kid) family daycare, where Z's friend Pearl also goes. And its 3 blocks from our building and one from the park!

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