Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Worst Bloggers Ever

Sorry. We're so busy. Phds + baby + eating = no time remaining. None.

In news... Its freakishly cold here. Zachary got his first time out at daycare. For hitting. Oy. We've been assured its a phase. Its leading to spoon confiscation.

Zachary also is in the middle of his first ear infection. We caught it super early at his last checkup. He's been pretty good about the ammoxicilin. He's full on into toddlerhood at the moment though. Any request results in a shriek - this evening he managed to collapse mightly before he realized actually yes please he would like his ammoxicilin, drank the whole thing down, stood up, and wandered off. Right. Just kidding. No one was actually feeding him to floor pirannhas. His bad. Cat!


Toddler is such a misnomer. Sure. They toddle. But what about "Uncalibrated nuclear weapon"? This would be so much more informative.....

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