Sunday, February 22, 2009

After these messages

we'll be riiiiiight back.

Sorry for the radio silence, but we've been a little busy. :) I'm getting ready for the next balloon flight, Mark is phd'ing, Zachary is embracing toddlerhood. We have a bunch of pictures and some video soon, but Mark filled up his harddrive *grin* so we've been backing up before we can upload new things.

Oh, and we're all sick. Sicksick. Yucky sick. I mean, just colds, but this is like the superdeath cold. I apparently have managed to get the most awesome cold, so I'm now couch bound in the hope that by tomorrow I'll have miraculously healed. :D Stop laughing.

Zachary can not be slowed down, certainly not by a silly cold. New excitements - Mark is currently playing "throw" in the bedroom, his walking is now looking like old hat.. He figured out backwards walking the other day, and thinks that it is the funniest trick ever. We even got him to walk with us part way to the subway the other day. He requires an escort on each side, otherwise the fantastic distraction that is a new york street takes hold (look, a person! look, a pigeon! look, a cigarette butt!!) He's gotten much much better about not eating everything, even though he's teething a few of the biggies (I think we have two molars in and two cutting, but frankly I've stopped trying to stick my fingers in to check. Too perilous.) He's also getting very good about putting things away. He carries around his sippy cup and puts it on the dining room table when he's done with it. He helps us put groceries away and put clothes away. He loves helping. Oh, and his flame shoes. He's moved up a shoe size, and his shoes are velcro with flames. He thinks they are AMAZING. He gets up and goes to get them, brings them to one of us, and then sits and puts his feet up to get shoes. And zerberts! He's been leaning over onto our arms and blowing zerberts.

Ok, I think that's enough random baby update. :) Pics & videos will follow soon.
Don't worry, he's still cute.


Debbie said...

I heard my munchkin has an ear infection! so sad!

Sarah said...

i know. :( It is his *second*. Boo. On the upside? He lets us know when he's uncomfortable. For example? Mark put him in BOILING bath water today. And he cried. So unlike that weird disease where you feel no pain? Zachary is healthy :P And now boiled like a lobster (he's fine, he's fine, he just had slightly pink legs for a sec)