Wednesday, March 4, 2009

all sort of newness

Last week we mentioned Zachary's backward walking. A new talent he employs at random intervals while playing. Every once in a while he doesn't even fall over. Well Backwards is sooooo old hat, the new in thing, is the sideways shuffle. It looks a little ridiculous, but there is less falling over.

Also today a surprise package arrived for Master Z. He loves opening up boxes, and I could hardly refuse since this one was address to him. Once he'd dug out all the packaging we found a wonderful new sweater, made by grandma, and the latest pj library book. He sat down quietly and started to flip the pages, so I sneaked out to get the camera.

And this picture reminded me that we now have a beautiful oak stool. Discovered on Etsy, purchased via ebay. He loves it. Now he can stand at the sink, while we try to wash his hands. Or try brush his teeth, or try ....

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