Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yaros, Hersh, Lavin, Raviv, et al Family Gathering

Eating again?
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Much fun was had with all the family. Z has become much more out going recently and cuddle Michael's (Shana's BF) knees before climbing into his lap. He also got to climb trees, run in the grass, play on various swings and slides and learn some ball skillz, with the ensemble. He met Daniel for the first time in just over a year, and haven't they changed. Still, not completely interested in one another, there was some moments of interaction.
There was a classic when, Zachary dived in to rescue his snack cup from Daniel, sometimes Z is not a good sharer. And then moments later, after a dad *word*, Z shuffled over arm out stretched with a pretzel peace offering, which seemed to go down a treat.


Rattling The Kettle said...

Sounds like a law firm...

Debbie said...

awww! So much fun family! Looks like you guys had a great time!