Thursday, August 6, 2009

Greetings from the golden west!

Look, I don't suck. I'm UPLOADING CONTENT. Ok, new improved content will be soon. None of this is moving. And let me tell you, the moving is damned funny. We're having a great deal of fun out in California. Zachary has chosen this charming location as the place to give birth to his last two teeth. Dear god in heaven. If every child teethed in this way THE SKY WOULD FALL. Several times before thursday. He literally throws himself around as if he's having a tooth related seizure. He nursed for two days (and nights) straight before I finally had the sense/cruelty/soretenderbits to say ENOUGH. Oh, also probably because I finally rested for a second and then was like, where the heck is that motrin? And sorry kid, but the boobies will fall off eventually. So far tonight he's surviving. You think we'd be better at this by the last two teeth, yet somehow every time is a surprise.

In other news... water is awesome, he spends a lot of time reenacting things physically (visual storytelling - hilarious). And we found the BEST TOY EVER at a second hand toy store today. It must be european, because the weight limit is in kilos. It is a super red ride on mini shuffle car. Oh my gosh. Its amazing. I want one. But I weigh more than 23 kilos. Bugger. There will be pictures. But there are not yet.

Also, in the wet pictures? Zachary kept running up, handing me water, asking me to pour it on him, then running away. While cackling hysterically. I think its fair to say he's having fun.

Tomorrow, to gilroy. To replace the shoes he has worn holes in. I'm hoping we can convince him to take some upgrades. Because we've stopped being able to convince people that we are not stingy child abusers. Even though they concede the flames are cool.

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