Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Because I'm so stressed out my eyes are bulging....

Since we've gotten back from California, Zachary has developed the charming habit of early morning waking. At first it was between 1:30am-2:00am (unacceptable, and very funny). Its drifted towards 6:15am (still unacceptable, especially since it often ends in NO MORE SLEEP, but better than 1:30am). After screaming his discontent that he's awake (I hear that...) he wanders through the house, explains to us that its dark (Yes. Because all the other children ARE ASLEEP), asks to use the potty, reads books, goes to have his first breakfast/last snack/some idiotic meal involving string cheese and bunny graham crackers. If we are *VERY* lucky he goes back to sleep. Less lucky? Mark sleeps on the couch while Z dumps every single toy he owns onto the floor. Sorry downstairs neighbors.

Reading back through that, it doesn't sound cute. Not at all. But it is. I promise.

Weaning (which is apparently going without him even being that bothered) is going incredibly well. It turns out I'm happy to parent, as long as I don't feel irreplaceable. I've never been so glad to not be special in my entire life. Ah, it turns out I could only hand over control to biology for so long. He seems none the worse for wear, and I am much cheerier.

In other words, we've incorporated a bedtime snack in hopes of keeping him asleep longer. A glass of milk and "bunnies" (the above bunny graham crackers). If we forget, he points into his mouth and says "Bunnies! Milk!" and then sits on the floor and uses the cadbury's roses tin as his snack table.

See? Silly cute.


Rattling The Kettle said...

bedtime snack means it's especially important to get into good tooth-brushing habits with him. (Says the guy whose kid didn't own a toothbrush until he was 2.) Overnight with sugars from graham crackers and milk will damage his enamel but quick.

Sarah said...

*grin* thanks mommy yaniv. We actually brush morning & evening. He's a big fan. He also brushes at daycare, in the middle of the day. His future dentists, however, thank you.