Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chanukah Tzedakah

We have some chanukah pictures to upload, and stories to tell (involving water taxis, humourous catastrophes, and more wingy zachary).

But right now I just want to direct people to the right side of the page. This year we're giving a set amount of money each night to a different non-profit organization. There are a lot of different ways to decide where to give - but we figured this year the slightly arbitrary "Toddler-Based Selection" wasn't such a bad method. I mean, we do some vetting of course ;) It isn't a huge amount of money, but is an important addition to our holiday while stories play on the radio about people going into debt to have "the right kind of holiday". Even Zachary, who hasn't had an expectations of giant piles of gifts, asks for "More presents! Open!"... and no doubt my first response is "I should get him more stuff!"... but then I realize there might be some different lessons we'd like him to learn.

Happy Chanukah to everyone! Humourous pictures to follow.

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arnie draiman said...

more chanukah tzedakah ideas:

thanks and happy hanukah!

arnie draiman