Thursday, June 10, 2010

Neglectful bloggers, no biscuits


Sorry. It turns out PhDs are hard. Right? Who would have thought. Whatevs. We're counting in weeks, and that can only be good for everyone and future therapy bills.

Mark will be fantastic and upload pictures at some point. There has been fantastic water based frolicking as the weather has warmed up here. New York City parks do have incredible water features - sometimes as silly as a pipe, or a sprinkler, but frankly when it is 95 degrees, that'll do. With no yards for most folks, certainly in manhattan... it is absolutely necessary. And some are spectacular, like "Volcano Playground"... well, no point describing. You'll see it soon enough.

The big news is... Zachary is HYSTERICAL.

Oh, wait. That isn't news. But he has certainly got his sass on. And his vocabulary! He is just sucking in words like a crazy vacuum sponge baby. Or an alien who has landed and is trying to fit in. Yeah, we probably should have named him Ford Prefect. Hindsight is a bitch.

He and I have had some quality conceptual time lately. Working on ones dissertation turns one to the precision of language. Which is a super dangerous collision when your 2.5 year old has hit the WHY WHY WHY stage. And loves words.

This last week we've learned:

1) The difference between parallel and perpendicular (forking noodles)
2) The difference between major & minor axis on an ellipse (cutting chick'n nuggets)
3) 1, again, with stabbing nuggets (he's pretty good at it)... and he can say perpendicular. Which is damn cute. In case you were wondering.
4) What's magnetic?? SO MANY THINGS. And did you know? If the door frame is magnet at eye level? IT IS ALSO MAGNETIC AT THE FLOOR. And at the place you can reach with your tippytoes stretched dangerously from the stepstool.

Yup. Magnetism is kick ass. Which I think is a great weekend lesson.

oh! and books. Still a book fiend. He has now started bringing books to daycare to share. Every day he picks a book he wants to share at daycare.

And he hates sleep. Apparently he gets that from me, WHA?? Sorry, kid. Genes are tricksy. Ask your Grandpa Michael.

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