Saturday, July 10, 2010

sorry i'm the worst mommy blogger ever...

3 more days. Two, if you think today is almost over.

Zachary is tearing up language like it is tissue paper.

This is just a service announcement in case you get within 100 meters of him.

For a while, he would say "You, me, everbody!"

Now, instead of everybody, he says "every guys!". I can't decide if this is 1) stolen from some piece of popular culture we haven't found yet. or 2) some toddler mashup of "Everybody" and "You guys."

It is always so hard to know.

He and mark are trying to sample every playground in central park before we leave new york. Which for Z and I looks like it will be midaugust.

That's a month away.

I can't believe we're leaving New York.

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