Friday, November 12, 2010


The other day in the car coming home from daycare Granny Linda asked Z "which side is the pirate octopus going to be on?"

Sarah and Z have had all sorts of conversations and games surround this bizaire octosculpture that we pass everyday. Including how silly it is to be wearing a hat underwater; "wouldn't it just float away?"

Anyway, Z points to the drivers side, as Granny L says "ok, frist one to see it yells octopus" and of course she is looking out of the wrong side of the car mislead by an eagar winner of the silly game. "OCTOPUS" "OCTOPUS" "OCTOPUSSSSSSSSSSSSS"
It was the first time Z has actively lied, or at least falsified information. Naughty but adorable!

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