Thursday, March 17, 2011

And so it begins

Zachary and I spent part of the evening sitting outside with our alley neighbors. They were playing guitar (blues, electric and acoustic) and have a bbq for St Patrick's day and who knows what else - to celebrate the beautiful weather. It is 9pm, and 77 degrees. The sky was clear with a bit of wind when we got home. Z wanted to bring over his fiddle - I told him we needed to practice a little then we could :> He was transfixed - two dogs, cookies, a bbq (FIRE!) and music. Did I mention the weather?

I'm re-stringing the violins as we speak.

I sorted through my old music to find a starting place. That's how we know how much time has passed, by the amount of things we have learned and forgotten. Electric blues is still drifting through the house. And a lot of fresh air. I saw something wandering around the internet, "Top 6 things you're doing to ruin your health" and one of them was "opening windows for fresh air". Better to run the a/c to filter out the dangers of the outside world. Fools. Give me an open window anyway. Air conditioners don't play guitar.

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