Friday, May 27, 2011

In other news...

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Those who have very astute skills of observation might notice that not only are the chicks growing, but they appear to have gained a friend. The little puff ball in the back is a whole day old. Her name is Rosie. Mark meant for her to be Rose like Rosalin Franklin, but in my mind I'm calling her Rosie the Riveter. To each their own. She earned her spot on the team by both being adorable and by nominally (perhaps in many months) laying blue/green eggs. She's an Ameracauna, but the internet tells me she's really probably an "Easter Egger" as it is tricky to find Ameracaunas that are official enough to be in Chicken Shows. Luckily, we're in it for the cuddles and the eggs so that'll do for us.

ps - I'm going to the telescope next week, so hopefully Mark will blog lots so I know they haven't burned down the house.


Yaniv said...

It was my facebook photo that pushed him over the edge, huh?

Sarah said...

i know, right? i don't think he's seen it actually. I was trying to hide it from him ;)