Monday, July 18, 2011

50/50 Parenting

I have to write this down somewhere in case it stops happening, or if I forget, or if he grows out of it or...

Actually, it would be quite funny if he didn't.

First of all, he calls us interchangeaby Mommy & Daddy. Sometimes he corrects himself. Sometimes we correct him. He obviously knows our NAMES. (Which he can yell, sometimes with last names, depending on how riled up he is.) I feel confident he can identify us as different people. But obviously, for most of his needs anyway, we're pretty swap-out-able.

This has now extrapolated out to the obvious where he just yells. "SOMEONE COME NOW"

The all-call for any grown up attention within a ten mile radius. It could be because of the surgery, where he had an overnight babysitter, and then my mom was around for a while. And I didn't answer the hollering, which inevitably will break my heart a little forever. Or it could just be that seriously, why select for one when this way you have a much higher chance of success?





(see how it gets more explicit with time? In case we're ignoring him because we're confused, or lost in the house and unable to triangulate on the earth shattering shrieking. It is actually quite easy. Follow the direction the cats are tearassing away from.....)

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