Friday, May 3, 2013

Holding hands

At Kyoung and Kenny's wedding there were a handful of kids, around Z's age and all girls.

And with the excitement of the wedding there was a lot of imaginative play involving weddings, brides and grooms. No surprise, Z (the only boy) was picked to groom and may now be a serial bigamist.

During the best person speeches I went over to keep the kids from being too rowdy and raucous. There was a castle like structure in the corner of the hall with stairs and windows. It was far to echo-y but very fun, and for I few minutes I sat listening to Sarah, Brian and others.

I glanced over to see Zachary and one of the girls sitting on chairs like a king and queen. Another girl was talking and seeing to the royal couples needs, while two more girls were dancing for them. Then the servant turned to watch the dancers, and there was a quick moment of privacy. The little girl nudged Zachary's thigh with her hand palm up. He glanced down and went back to watching the dancers. She nudged again, and left her hand for a second in his lap. He looked down again, then at her and slided his hand into hers, and they sat holding hands. Adorable.

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