Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What are *you* thankful for today?

PJ Library is fantastic, as always. The fact that they deliver high quality kids books where Judaism is normal is a great addition to reading time, and our kids library. Last month we got a CD of great songs (Uri Uri, by Elena Jagoda) and it has been on rotation in the car.  We got in the car yesterday and Z requested it - and then sang along with the whole first song, all about being thankful and counting your blessings. And then he told us all about what he was thankful for.

We even overheard him singing it later in the evening as we got ready for bed.

I'm thankful that I've got a kid who is keeping an eye out for all the good things in his world.

In unrelated news, Young Ms. Miriam had her 1 month appointment today. She is, and I quote, "perfect". (That was from the resident who I suspect has not seen *that* many babies, but mostly seemed relieved that the whole thing seemed quite as expected.) She is 11lbs on the nose, and growing like a champ. She's also starting to play, although at this point that just means track things, and whack at things we hold from her and look disgruntled about being on her tummy during tummy time.

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