Wednesday, May 28, 2014


2014-05-22 19.54.32-2 Our kids are fantastic and adorable, and we took some pictures capturing their fantastic and adorableness. Miriam has taken a brief hiatus from totally predictable sleep, so we aren't entirely coherent but what else is new? We've made it into month 5, and we're having more fun than ever. Look! Fun! I recommend running over to flickr and checking out the "Miriam with green pepper" extravaganza. She's not really eating food, but she's absolutely intrigued by it. She's playing with it (with supervision, don't worry, no baby choking hazards) - and nibbling a bit on things like banana in the net bag. She's joining us at the table in her high chair too, and she loves being involved and chatting through meals. (She's also suddenly become fascinated with trying to eat Willow. I'm pretty sure she just thinks Willow is an awesome interactive stuffed animal. Willow has been SHOCKINGLY tolerant and let's Miriam totally maul her. I think she's been swapped for some other black and white cat. She didn't let Zachary near her until he was 4, at least...) 2014-05-22 19.53.36 In other news - Zachary lost *both* front top teeth in one day (one was danglingly loose, the other got a bit of an assist at school). That's actually what inspired the photo shoot - I wanted to capture his gaps before they disappeared (one is already coming in, only a few days later.) 2014-05-21 19.57.23

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