Sunday, February 8, 2015

The amazing spiderman

So tonight I let Z watch the spiderman movie for the first time. He thought it was 'very very incredibly awesome'. So I guess that means or rad a big hit.
But interestingly while eating a snack before bed, he picked up on one of those 'Yeah but what if' moments. At the very end the sneaky green goblin tries to stab spiderman in the back with his hover board but instead in gets himself. It goes down like this, as the green goblin faces off with spiderman, spiderman jumps out the way and the board gets green goblin and then goes through the wall behind him it is going so fast). Zs "but if" was ..... But even if spiderman hadn't jumped out of the way, the board was going so fast it would have gotten spiderman and then nailed the green goblin too.
Nice observation Z.

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