Saturday, February 6, 2016

2nd children

Well, *apparently* Miriam knows her ABC song. Now, I know they must have been doing it at school because a few weeks ago I sung it "with" her, and she sung the "Now I know my ABCs" bit...

But Mark just started and she just got through *the whole thing*.

Allow this to be an advertisement for having other people look after our children. With us she would have just learned to eat olives on her finger tips (a favorite past time) and chase the cat.

Humourous postscript. I tried to sing it with her and she was having none of it. Mark is magic, apparently.

Second postscript - Zachary is playing violin a bit at school, and Miriam has been getting a bit jealous. I'm making her a box violin this weekend so we can all play together because she keeps saying ME VIOLIN PRACTICE. Yes, ma'am.

Pictures to follow.

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