Saturday, March 22, 2008

There aren't many people I want to hit with sticks....

But these people? These people top the list.

My favorite is the woman who "refuses to sacrifice" her children for the greater good.
*insert growl here*

Firstly? Your children ARE the greater good. Secondly? I'm glad your children are so much more important than every other person on the planet. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.And lastly? I wish people would get educated. The diseases that have been effectively erradicated by vaccination are really not things we want hanging about. Because diptheria? Doesn't it sound sort of cute? Yeah, its not.

It is weird, but these vaccines may not have been developed just as an awesome conspiracy to damage our children. I mean, that is a high quality use of resources. But please.

(puts away hitting stick)

My mom is coming today! Back to cleaning. Pictures will, inevitably, follow.


Mike Berkowitz said...

Need to see more pics!

Sarah said...

He's invisible!
Ok, not invisible.
But he is having a teething day. Maybe I'll post a picture of him just yelling at you ;)

Mike Berkowitz said...

Please do. My day is so much more fun when I get to look at new pics.