Sunday, March 30, 2008

Toes are tasty (and other miscellany)

Yummy yummy, baby toes in his tummy.
Zachary has been on a mission for the last several days (due to a raging teething discomfort) to bite and chew EVERYTHING. Really, everything. He chews on the straps of his carrier. He chews on every finger of every person he encounters. He would chew on the cats, but they have the sense to move more quickly than he does. And this evening? This evening he discovered his toes.
He's known about them, of course. And he pulls on them in this crazy almost yoga like stretch pretty regularly. But today after his bath I turned to pick up a wipe, turned back, and his toes were right in his mouth. He kept popping them in and out like "Oooh, what are these? Where did they...?!?!?! Oops, there they are!" and then grinning.
So sorry if he has less toes next time you see them. Apparently all our nibbling has taught him a dangerous lesson.


Mike Berkowitz said...
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Mike Berkowitz said...

I used to bite my toes as a kid. Rumor is I even used to put ketchup on them. No joke.

Is that weird?

Sarah said...