Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bad Mommy, No posting

At least Mark keeps up with the pictures and videos. And we know that's what you come here for, so I don't feel that bad.

Big adventures in Zachary land. He now eight months old (on friday the 13th, a lucky day for most). Motion has become the new thing, and he's alllll over the place. i'm terrified because I know its only a question of days before he realizes this... if he lifts his belly off the ground, he'll go fast. I keep threatening to get out the ankle weights to slow him down. I think this might be the new trend in babyproofing. You heard it here first.

Food is becoming common place. He's not superkeen on the mushy veg (no real surprise here, is there? Is anyone keen on mushy veg? Please english people. Do not comment. You only developed mushy peas to hide their sketchy several day old nature. Not because they were meant to be eaten that way.) But he is enjoying yogurt the last few days. And we've gone for bits of bread too. We figure that'll help us be ready for our upcoming trip. Because we hear french & english supermarkets may not have rice chex. Please don't tell Zachary. He will be heartbroken. It is his first addiction. Mark was giving him some yogurt for dinner (which he was grooving on, as well as he can groove when totally exhausted). And I got out the box of chex to give him a few to round out his meal. He heard the crinkle of the inner bag and the shake of the box and he snapped out of his crazy baby zone out. He suddenly swivelled around with eagle eyes and was like I KNOW THAT SOUND. He watched me without blinking till I sacrificed a few chex his way. He snatches them up like they are going out of style.

In other news, today we went to Daniel & Jorge's wedding at Rodeph Sholom (our temple). It was absolutely fantastic. Zachary danced his first hora, saw his first chuppah, and in general rejoiced with the Groom & Groom. He behaved, and got a spin in the temple mini gym. Just the nursery school play room, but lots of roly poly furniture and foam things to climb on. Lots of babies and fun, exactly how weddings are meant to be. Thanks, guys :) Michigan is lucky to have you.

On that note, off to bed. Carrying a 25lb baby, no matter how cheerful he is? That'll make your arms tired. At least he holds on to help.

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