Monday, June 2, 2008

Play Date Picnic

We met up with some friends at Dinosaur Playground (97th and Riverside Dr). Zachary and Sara originally met at minus two months, and on sunday they got to hang out for real :-) They played together which was really adorable, grabbing at each others toes and hair, trading toys briefly, as well as some babbling, it was fantastic to watch.
We know Kresten and Mia (Sara's Parents) from our birthing class (hence the -2 months) and Sara is just 6 days older than Zachary. Kresten works with Paul, and Paul is married to Jeno (picnic organizer) who works with Sarah. I love how small the manhattan world is sometimes. And for further amusement Paul and Jeno are also a Biochemist and Astronomer couple.

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