Sunday, April 5, 2009


Suddenly Zachary has been learning things so fast it seems that he see something once and poof he gets how to do it. This can be amazingly cool or extremely irritating.

Recently we moved the crib mattress onto the floor. It has significantly improved his sleeping, once he has gone to sleep. But getting him to be asleep can be somewhat of a challenge. I've decided to try cuddling him and when he gets sleepy move to just being present, next to him, but not touching him. A few nights back, I progressed this, by moving to lean on a wall. Yup, he looked up to see where I was at. Stood up and walked over, and plonked his bottom right up against that wall legs out, just like dad. Cute, adorable, but a little frustrating.

Another example of the adorable copying is food related, how can it not be with the boy how never seems to stop eating. I overheated some mac and cheese in the microwave. I was blowing to cool it down because he is about to loose his shit since he can see the bowl, and smell one of his favourite foods, but isn't currently EATING it. So over I come with a bowl of freakishly hot food, and put it down to explain hot. Which he gets ever since the light bulb incident a while back. And I'm still blowing. He leans in a goes ....pheeeeeeeeffffffffff pheeeeeeeeeeeeefffffff. With funny little pursed lips. Now, he's gotten the idea he won't let it go. He started blowing at the bath water, to try and make bubbles or maybe just cos it's fun.

An one more tidbit, did you all know 8ozs of pure sugary goodness, a jamba juice, even a few hours before dinner makes for a hyper but uber-tired baby.....Dad lesson learned.

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