Tuesday, April 14, 2009

police badge action hero

police badge action hero
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We got back from a few days in California. There is so much to talk about! We went to two seders. Zachary learned all about pounding on the table while you're singing. He also discovered the yumminess of horseradish.

He also discovered how completely amazing it is to open a door and find... outside!! If you follow through to flickr you'll see roughly ten thousand pictures that are filled with Zachary meets dirt. Dirt, flowers, sand... He found them all equally satisfying to mush around in.

Also? His brain is exploding. Not only is he mobile like crazy (see picture of him climbing a chainlink fence. Uh huh. Mom was not there for that. Nope)... but he's trying very hard to talk. He's having whole conversations, gesticulations and all. Ok, not really many words. He might be really saying "Car". And he had a few moments in California where words sort of slipped out. But mostly? He is "babbling" with a vengence. His mouth moves around, his tongue, he's trying everything out. Just not quite to the words. It is great, though. He's nodding his head yes and no vigorously, which is super helpful when he's trying to get us to get him something (so.. all the time).

I'm sure there's tons more but I'm still a little redeye hung over.. PS? We all slept almost the entire flight home. AWESOME. Although waking zachary this morning was like waking a teenager. He wouldn't open both eyes at once for ages...Mark finally tickled him to awake.

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