Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a fun day

Anything to fix a meltdown
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So I threw caution to the wind and went on the subway 3 times, gasp! We ran around the city, where Z was incredibly well behaved and ended up at our local park. He climbed EVERYTHING, serious spotting involved. He did the dino's, he watched a 3yr old climb the metal rigging/ladder, taking it all in and then just followed her up. He then went around to the wobbly walk way and this (the third or fourth lap) was the only time he "fell". Later he saw the same little girl go up a ladder. And poof up he went. He also got to play with this electric car. Both the steering wheel and handle control where the wheels point and have a little button to make it GO. Z was fascinated by the car, and the grandma encouraged him in and showed him how to drive. Then Graham with Suzy and Alan in tow came over to play too. And the boys got right down to it. Graham "steering" from the handle while Z tired to hold the button down-down-down-dooooowwwwn. As the car went in spurts across the playground. Fortunately it is slow enough that everyone has plenty of time to clear a path.

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