Thursday, May 21, 2009

back to even

That's right Zachary and I made it back to NYC after a serious day of traveling, 14 hours in all. And at 19 months and 19 flights, he is get to be quite a pro. He was very well behaved on both flights, with the aid of a book about kittens and puppies loaned from the 1 yr asleep in front of us on flight 18. And a matchbox CARRRHHH, fixed, instantly, the small freak out on flight 19, as he clung on to it for the next 2 hours, only letting go (and forgetting about it) as we landed. When we got to 60 Haven, I asked if he was glad to be home and got the tired repartition "home *pause* home, home". But when we came through the door all that tiredness drained away as he ran from one thing, books, to the next, toys, cats, window, touching everything, checking in with all his bits a bobs, that he remembered playing with before we went away. He was super excited about daycare this morning too. Everyone had missed him and he got lots of cuddles and played non stop with all of them. Currently, Sarah is in Carlsbad touring NM, while waiting for flight conditions to improve. Matt, Shaheen, Chris and Sarah are at the caverns again tonight, since there is a, no-show yet again, for tomorrow.

Here he is at Dallas Ft Worth terminal C. He passed out for a 2.5 hour nap, while I changed gates FOUR times during the delayed flight/layover.

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Eilat said...

OMG!!! Too much cuteness for words! How I love sweet little toddler boys. I used to have one, you know?