Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big fun on the fourth of july

Today we made a pilgrimage down to battery park. River to River had a free concert down there which generally involves a massive amount of barricades, but does bring free music out. We couldn't do much seeing of the stage, but without having to go in we could hear everything. I'd only recently been introduced to the band Rilo Kiley, but it turns out their lead singer has a new album out. We all rocked out and ran around the Park. Zachary had fun climbing, trying to eat flowers, bossing people around, and diving face first off of my ankles. It isn't obvious why the last one was fun, but we'll just call it my exercise for the day. The subway ride home with one cranky and tired out toddler was awesome, as always. It resulted in the picture you see below, as well as several attempted breaks for freedom while we waited for the train to leave the station (The 1 train starts at South Ferry, so waits with the doors open until its ready to go).

Tomorrow we're going to a staten island yankees game, so stay tuned.

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